Wahoo elemnt workout page

Hey all, I’ve just joined tr and in syncing my workouts to my elemnt bolt, when I start the workout, I don’t get a workout page. When I first got the computer it would give me one, but now anymore. I still get cues, but no actual page. There was never one in the pages section in the app and I can’t seem to make a planned workout page in the page builder. I’m looking for the one with power, target power, interval time, the graph, etc. Does anyone know how I might get this back?

On mine it’s in elemnt app - customize pages - “planned workouts”

It’s between kickr control and lap data - so after the customizable pages.

There’s no toggle on/off in the app, it just appears on the head unit when a workout is loaded.


This is true! You can do this from the Element app.
There’s more info along with our recommended fields for outdoor workouts here: