TR Workouts Pushed To Element Bolt - incorrect interval/workout length

Pushing workouts to the Bolt via the TR and ELEMNT android apps, in order to complete outdoors. Workout length seems to be shown in days/hours, rather than hours/minutes. I’ve uninstalled and re-installed the apps, updated software, disconnected TR from Element and reconnected, etc…

Edit: I bought the wahoo in Greece, where I live and spent the summer in the US, where I did the most recent update. When I got home, this started happening. I had a few issues while traveling similar to this with the old version of the Bolt as well. I’ve since removed all instances of the apps, unlinked TR, Wahoo, and Strava, and reinstalled everything. Now it seems to be working normally.


Have you emailed TR support? That’s the best place to go for an answer

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