Wahoo Elemnt Roam ride display issues

My Wahoo Elemnt Roam appears to have combined two separate rides into one which is a combination of the two. I did a short ride last night which uploaded to Strava without issue and is still correctly shown on Strava. I did another longer ride this morning the data appears fine on the head unit, but last nights ride is no longer showing on the head unit.

When I check on the Companion App I can only see this mornings ride, with the correct data for that ride, but the route map shown is for last nights ride.

This mornings ride will not upload to Strava, presumably it already thinks it has been uploaded. Any idea of what I have done wrong or what is wrong with the head unit?

Plug the unit into a computer using a data USB cable (not just power) and navigate to the folder where it stores the fit/gpx file and manually upload it to Strava.

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Thanks rkoswald, tried your suggestion and it worked fine. Just not sure why it messed up in the first place.

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Glad it worked. At the end of the day, head units are basically mini computers and subject to the occasional quirk. Enjoy!