Wahoo elemnt keeps changing from Imperial (miles) to metric (km) since app upgrade

Hi, is anyone else getting this. Since the app upgrade at the end of last week, my elemnt keeps changing to metric (kilometres) from imperial, almost every time I switch the phone and elemnt on. The settings in the Andriod App keep changing from Imperial to metric.

First time I noticed was warming up for a 10mile TT and it was too late to change it - (try constantly converting your kilometres into miles by dividing by 2/3 or 10/16th in your head whilst flat out!). I assumed I had simply accidentally changed it when I looked at the new app. It was still imperial the next day for the following 10m TT. On Friday it changed again and I had to stop a mile (1.6km) into the ride to get my phone out and change it. Today, Saturday, it has happened again. Arghhh!!

I have contacted wahoo, but no reply yet. Is it just me or are others seeing this?

Just had reply from Wahoo

"I’m sorry for the troubles. This is happening due to a known software bug. We apologize for the issue and have raised a ticket with our developers who are actively working on a fix. Though we do not currently have an exact delivery date, the problem is a priority on our road map for future app and firmware revisions.

Since we have an open ticket with our development team, all customer service tickets related to the issue (including this one) will be marked as “On-Hold” and merged with the developer ticket to be monitored internally. This process allows us to send automatic notifications when changes are complete."

Since the app update all my workouts are date stamped January 1970. !

Ummm. I haven’t got that one. OIn my elemnt the dates are correct, but I am not using it as the source of my workout recordings (fortunately).

Just go with the metric change…it is the future…:slight_smile: :slight_smile:


It’s been the future since 1970 :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


“The problem with the cm is that it is 2.54 times too small” (Quote from physics book of my youth - the 1970s).

I am a bit of a mongrel on this:

  • For cycling and maps, Kms just feel like fake distance inflation. I understand 100 miles and mph, and TTs are measures in miles.
  • I do centigrade, not farenheit, because my head got calibrated in the physics lab at school with room temperature over summer.
  • I happily swap between metric and imperial when doing wood work.
  • All my bike fit measurements are cm. All bike weights in gms. and kg.
  • I weigh myself in stone and pounds (because the increments seem smaller than in kg)
  • If necessary I will use cubits, palms and paces :slight_smile:

What can I say? Not going to apologise for it either.


I experienced the same thing. It seems to have magically fixed itself now though

Ok, I lied. Mine switched backing to km again this morning…

yes, that is the odd and unreliable part. One day it does it, the other not. I suspect it is also related to whether the phone is switched off and on between the events.

For the moment I am checking carefully each time.

I’ve had workouts while on the road restart the interval after I just finished it. I was told to update the elemnt and the app, which I did, and that should fix it. Then this morning when I ended the workout, some how the workout started back up again. Wahoo…you’re starting to act a bit like Garmin now.

I have a Garmin 520 and its been very reliable now for three years. The only thing I’d like changed is changing the fields by a phone app and a longer battery life although if I turn my Garmin down to 50% (which is perfectly readable) it can do close to 10 hours.

My Wahoo has been doing this for about a week. Annoying.

This is an old bug they’ve been trying to fix for a good while now…

Since the ELEMNT companion app was updated, mine seems to have fixed itself though…

Same here, keeps switching to something called miles. Countries like Myanmar and Liberia and the likes still use miles it seems. Pls fix this! Really annoying!

I have suffered with this bug for almost a year. It’s annoying as hell. I’ve settled on using custom and that seems to have stopped or from switching to metric, even though I do prefer Meters for elevation.