Wahoo Elemnt fields for monitoring power on the road?

Just wondering what fields people have on their head units when monitoring power on road rides. I’ve just acquired a P2M NGeco for the Cervelo and am experimenting on what to show on the Bolt.

At the moment I have average 3sec power at the top, with HR, cadence and speed below. Anything else that people find useful for monitoring power whilst riding?

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Not power exactly but I have a lap timer showing, hit the lap button every time I eat that way I shouldn’t go over 60 minutes without food in normal situations.


I use 3s power as well.

I have the same as you, plus the timer and distance to next.

90% of the time I’m zoomed in to nothing but 3s Power, HR, and Speed.

OK Thanks all. So what I’ve got up makes sense by the sound of it.

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I use a little bit different approach to remind me to eat. First of all I’ve always got 100cal of Tailwind in each bottle (one per hour). Then I have my Wahoo auto lap every 30mins to remind me to eat something from my food stash shooting for another 100-150cals per hour.


I prefer using 5 sec power display, it’s a bit les jumpy than 3 sec power.

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Ah OK. Will give it a try. Thanks!

This is one of the things I love about homemade Maurten. I never think about eating because all the calories are in my bottles. Thank you TrainerRoad!

I’ve tried and had success with an all liquid diet (Tailwind, Maurten, homemade, etc.) but find that I tire of it after about 4 hours. Now that I’m trending towards ultra distance stuff for next year (multiple 10-15 hour days in a row) that’s not going to be sustainable going forwards. Hence moving more towards real food with a bit of Tailwind mixed in for electrolytes and a baseline of 100cals per hour.

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Ahh. Absolutely. Have to slip in some real food when you go that long.