Wahoo Element Bolt 2 way comms between the company devices

What is the delay in TR and Wahoo enabling direct 2 way comms between your devices?

I know I am one of many, not just many, I expects 000s who use Wahoo when out on the road or MTB trails, often the Zone 2 sessions that don’t need a highly specific session plan, and commuting sessions; and TR for indoor interval training.

I want to use TR as my holistic training tool, where I can record all my training and event data. Using Strava as intermediate tool is a pain in the proverbial, hence, I don’t use it. Worse, I end up with very little road/MTB sessions within TR.

What is the delay? Should we also be pestering Wahoo?

It seems a no brainer, that everybody wins, TR, Wahoo and the riders.

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Just to clarify: you mean direct communication without Strava? TR pushes the workout on the Bolt directly, but the finished workouts need to go from Bolt to TR via Strava. This is annoying indeed.
I actually use Strava just for this reason, no other, and would also prefer to have direct connections.

Delay? This would imply that it was an announced feature with expected roll out date?!

Sorry. Maybe I misunderstood the original post but I understand that this is a feature request, correct?

As always, love or hate Strava, but it’s a good hub for data. Once the connections are setup there is actually no manual step needed for the sync to TR. That’s why I don’t understand the pain in the… remark. Personally all my uploads to Strava are set to that only I can see them - sync to TR works also with that setting.

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That is not what I mean.
I’m talking about the two way comms that many have requested many times before, ie, that the rides one does on Wahoo be downloaded to TR, as you imply TR already can download their session to Wahoo, but not visa versa.

TR have said they are in communication with Wahoo to bring this about.

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TR have said they are in communication with Wahoo to bring about direct two way comms with TR.

Others have raised this before as have I. No progress?? It seems to be delayed!!

Ok, that too would make sense indeed. So far it works only via Strava, which some seem not to mind to use… I actually would rather like to get rid of too many platforms, sharings or logins even if they are working fully automatic… still: my data is flying around somewhere, i do mind indeed.

Ok, maybe it’s lost in translation (non native speaker here). I just found it a weird way of asking for a feature / the current status of the progress…