Sync Wahoo without Strava

Hi all,

As of today I’m syncing my rides done with the wahoo Bolt thanks to the conection made with Strava. Howver, I’d like to know if there is any other way to sync them without this connection, ie. wahoo to TR directly


Last I checked TR can sync a workout direct to wahoo but wahoo syncs back via strava. Also, adaptive training did not consider outside workouts from Wahoo. This information is a month or so old though so cannot be entirely sure

As far as I know, TR can push outside workouts to wahoo directly, but not the other way arround where Wahoo can sync workouts directly to TR.

In my experience, Adaptative training considers outside workouts from Wahoo


That advice is correct! Wahoo works well with AT now, we had some issues during testing but as long as your outside rides are associated with TrainerRoad workouts, you’ll get credit with Adaptive Training!

If you need help, always feel free to reach out to


Brilliant thanks for the update! I knew there was an issue a while ago but havent done an outside ride in 8 weeks so was unable to verify myself

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