Next Generation of Smart Trainers for 2020 season?

I guess its too early to really know, but are there any rumors or anything about trainers set to come out this year? I’m not sure if I want to buy something now to use for summer, or maybe just wait for the next crop of trainers to come out in the summer/fall before I get into my next season of TR

On the latest Fit File podcast @dcrainmaker basically said soon they will have no stock to sell and new versions are unlikely for a while due to the supply chain being unable to ramp up for some time.

What do you want in a trainer that doesn’t exist and you’re waiting for? Trainers have never been better or more affordable. Not to mention all of the indoor riding you’re likely to do in the upcoming months.

I’m like 99% set on the NEO 2T aside from some unanswered questions about power accuracy, and still some slip being there for higher power springs (maybe only from lower speeds but still). The Kickr 18 is another alternative, however seems to have some random issues with flywheels being out of balance for some users.

Ideally hoping for a NEO 3 that puts the nail in the coffin so to speak

It’s gonna be tough for companies to iterate with new products in the late summer timeframe. Impossible? No, but very tough yes.

Some of them don’t realize it yet (yet others do), but the reality is that in terms of business operations - closures are just beginning for them. They already had downstream component or assembly closures in Feb in China, but having people work from home will slow European and US engineering, testing, and iteration efforts for any new products. Being unable to send people to factories will in cumulative add weeks or months of back and forth final iterations. Tacx/Elite/Saris are slightly better off there since they assemble locally however.

Most companies were/are trying to shift to yearly refresh cycles. My bet is a few that may have been further along in their plans might still make a mid-fall launch. But realistically none of the companies in this segment have ever launched products with comfy project management timelines. Wahoo got the closest to that with the KICKR series specifically, but that was mainly because it was very minor iterations. Realistically the KICKR Bike would be how they would model any future high-end trainers after (electromagnetic flywheel, akin to NEO series).

TLDR: I wouldn’t hold my breath.


Thanks Ray. I guess I’m waiting for the 2T to be perfect, even if the slip issues may not affect me at my power levels. Still can’t decide between that or a Kickr 18 but holding my breath sounds futile I suppose

In general tho, what realistically would be game changing features that are not in the current crop of trainers? This question is beyond even looking at 2020.

We’ve gotten them quiet. They have lots of connectivity options. They are pretty accurate.

The only think I can think of is integrating some rocker plate directly into the trainer.

Open to ideas. Thoughts?

Wahoo will move to the same design as their bike as ray mentioned. Will be more accurate and no need to calibrate. This also means that it will work the same as the neo which means it could give the same features the neo has with road feel.

Rocker plate integration is another one. Currently it seems like none of the rocker plates that move forward and back work with the climb.

The neo could maybe add their own version of the climb (maybe in that patents may block them)

Hopefully the trainers can add a wired connection option. With how many people have wireless issues and don’t move their trainers so a wire would work well…