Wahoo CEO: What failed & what's coming in 2024?

From a completed activity perspective, their open cloud API already allows that. Anyone, including any of us, can sign up and write an app that pushes completed activities into the Wahoo ecosystem or pull them out.

What they don’t currently have is an API for pushing planned/structured workouts in.

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They tried doing their own fitness platform. I think they’d gain more by being good partners with the usual suspects (TR, Zwift, etc.) and making it easy for others to integrate with Wahoo Fitness.


Aye, that’s what I’m referring to on the planned/structured workouts aspect. Right now Wahoo has to implement individual support for each outside training platform themselves. If instead their cloud API allowed it the implementation aspect would shift to each outside training platform and not solely Wahoo, no more “well Wahoo doesn’t allow it” excuse. Hopefully they’ll do it eventually.


Could you use RunGap for that? I don’t know, just wondering. It’s super simple and only costs like $10/yr if it does what you need.

I don’t know anything of RunGap or if Wahoo is a supported platform for completed activity syncing. I was just commenting to dispel the idea that Wahoo doesn’t have that aspect of their system open.

I’ve long thought that all the high end trainers would eventually end up with a motor brake design, and so been surprised that Wahoo hadn’t yet followed. That design costs more, but Tacx’s European manufacture will be pricey compared to far eastern alternatives, so you’d have thought there’d be margin room for others to work within :person_shrugging:

Interesting to see Shane Miller mention the Neo-like Magene T600 a few weeks back:

Gotta love “New Benchmark to Your Glory Road” :joy:

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The question is what features users could benefit from that trainers don’t already have. The biggest difference between the Kickr Core and the latest Kickr is the motion aspect. Is that worth a multiple? Would it make more sense to make that product more modular so that you could marry the resistance unit to a base of your choice? Why make e. g. an ethernet jack an optional extra? (Point being, if you make it optional, almost nobody will get one and hence, no piece of software will support it.)

I think high-frequency power measurements are likely a feature many users would like better than a Neo-style flywheel/brake system.

They definitely support Wahoo for completed activities. I was just saying this might be a cheap alternative for those who can’t write their own API, and wondered if you could use it to push planned workouts too as you were discussing.

Side note, I was about to take a break from Join and try a plan with the new Masters functionality on TR, but as soon as I set up the plan and started to dive in, I was reminded that it doesn’t send the planned workout length/TSS to TP and you can’t synch the workouts to Zwift, so I went back to using Join. RunGap won’t solve this either :cry:

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I assume they make the Ethernet jack an addon so they can seel something cheap for over $100. If they build it in they would have to price the KICKR higher.

Thinking the January launch has to be something new or unique. Maybe they have perfected the bike treadmill. If it was an awesome experience and priced under $5k. I could be a buyer.

That would be so crazy I kind of hope it’s that now that you said it.

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You’re probably right. I’m likely a less-typical customer than most, so prioritise features quite differently.

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I’m with you. The new KICKR is so much cheaper that it tempts me, but I’m not sure I could give up the Neo feel after riding an OG for several years. I haven’t ridden a KICKR in many years either though, so I have no idea what the new ones feel like. I never see them setup to test in shops any more. I’d consider the KICKR bike, but my knees touch my top tube occasionally, so that rules it out too.

@Pbase My knees touch my KICKR BIKE occasionally but I haven’t found it to be a problem. I just got used to it.


Well given the focus on the origin story, I’m going to say a rowing trainer. :joy:

With zwift integration


step of one of QC is a design that works.

Im really just thrilled to see wahoo survive the last year or so. Love to root for the underdog and thought they were finally succumbing to trying to compete with Big-G.

As far as “next gen” trainers go, unless theres something bonkers behind the scene, I kinda feel like they’ve pretty much hit cell-phone territory, where theyre about as good as they can be. Hope im wrong!

Bike treadmill would be so rad!

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I’d love to see an updated (just the electronics to work with modern trainer apps) Velotron. If you’ve never ridden a Velotron, the “road feel” is parsecs above current trainers.

The Bike portion could be updated as well to not be soooo 90s janky. But that would be a “nice to have”.

Oh, and the price needs to be “reasonable” :grin:

Is it TR compatible? :wink:

The current version isn’t TR compatible - at least that is my understanding - hence the updated electronics to work with modern trainer apps / compatibility with FTMS / Ant+ trainer control. Probably with higher control rate (e.g., Zwift “Race Mode”).

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