Wahoo Bolt Turn by Turn Navigation Update?

Just updated to the latest firmware on my Wahoo Bolt and the little advertisement and picture seemed to indicated it was now capable of turn by turn navigation with street names to include not on the map page. Not headed outside today, so I won’t be able to test this out.

Interesting. I’m not seeing a mention here, but who knows?

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But Bolt can do turn by turn navigation. If you make the map in Ride with GPS there is a turn by turn navigation and it works nicely on the map and other screens. There is no navigation with strava routes.

You have to build route from scratch on RwGPS it does not work when you import the route from strava.


Yeah I thought that’s what the new update was doing, allowing turn by turn from any source (Strava). I wonder since I reset everything on the Bolt and phone, to correct syncing issues, if it’s just giving me “tips” as a new user.

Latest Bolt update says:
BOLT WB15- 10643 - 18 March, 2021

  • Improved route support

Curious what’s new; it’s probably subtle, but I can dream. My Bolt is more or less my perfect computer, but the mapping is weaker than I expected (my fault, but still.) I should probably upgrade to a Roam, but at this point I’m just waiting until they update the line.

When you build your route in ridewithgps you will get turn by turn route. When you get off the route then bolt is useless.

Yeah, I’ve developed a pretty good RWGPS workflow, but like you said, when you get offroute (or make a wrong turn,) RIP.

I might disappoint you here: Wahoo somehow had troubles with synching routes from Kahoot etc.
The customer support answered me that they will address this in the next update.
So I guess this “improved route support” means that sync problems have been solved. And true: since this update I do not have any issues with my routes anymore.
That is probably it, nothing more.

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What’s amazing to me is that with all the money Strava has taken in pushing people into subscriptions and hyping the new route builder last year, somehow Strava routes still can’t enable turn-by-turn - yet RWGPS routes do.

Would be great if they would reduce focus on other silly half-baked training charts and actually focus on their core stuff better - segments and routes.