Wahoo Bolt Turn by Turn Navigation Update?

Just updated to the latest firmware on my Wahoo Bolt and the little advertisement and picture seemed to indicated it was now capable of turn by turn navigation with street names to include not on the map page. Not headed outside today, so I won’t be able to test this out.

Interesting. I’m not seeing a mention here, but who knows?

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But Bolt can do turn by turn navigation. If you make the map in Ride with GPS there is a turn by turn navigation and it works nicely on the map and other screens. There is no navigation with strava routes.

You have to build route from scratch on RwGPS it does not work when you import the route from strava.


Yeah I thought that’s what the new update was doing, allowing turn by turn from any source (Strava). I wonder since I reset everything on the Bolt and phone, to correct syncing issues, if it’s just giving me “tips” as a new user.