Navigating with Wahoo Bolt

Hey everybody,

I’m currently planning a short trip to Austria and am looking for routes to ride, I’ve got a simple question regarding how the navigation on the Wahoo Bolt works. When I select a roundtrip route, will the device lead me to the nearest bit of the route and guide me full circle, regardless of route start/end point? Or would it guide me to the start point and then along the route? I’ve found a few routes that pass my our apartment along the way, but start points are a few miles away, ideally I’d like to start and finish at my house.


When you load up a route the map will show breadcrumbs for the route near you. Once you travel a short distance along the route from any point it will resume from there, giving you turn by-turn if the route has it embedded. I believe it also makes a happy-beep tone too confirm you’re on-route. If you follow the route “the wrong way”, you can still follow the breadcrumbs on the map, you just won’t get any turns-by-turn. And also you’ll get angry off-route beeps, which you’ll want to mute.


Great, thanks for clearing that up! Once I join a route in the middle, will it guide me along indefinitely or would I reload once I reach the start/finish?

If you haven’t yet purchased and navigation is a big factor for you, the Roam is much stronger, especially if you deviate from your planned path (which I always do when exploring new areas )