Volume, Duration vs Regularity - setting up and auto adjusting a plan

My experience is that often the auto upgrade is increasing workout duration and the intensity levels. Hence, a low volume plan gradually becomes a medium plan, a medium becomes high volume. Increasing the intensity, across several parameters, was the basis of AI, so that is to be expected. But, Volume is about both workout Duration and Regularity. I think these two aspects are very distinct and ought to be recognised as different plan characteristics. Hence, if the AI indicates a need to increase the total hours/week, ie, Volume, this can be achieved by increasing the workout duration, or increasing the number of workouts. Cycling covers a wide range of event duration. Hence, a shorter duration and higher regularity may favour short events and hence the TP required, eg, TT, several track events and XC MTB. Whereas, longer road and MTB events and may require gradually increasing their duration while retaining the same regularity.

The TR plans require two separate questions,

  • how many sessions per week, secondly
  • low/medium/high duration.

Within these, AI Intensity adjustment is also required, ie, FTP and Z2 endurance. Hence, increasing the training load and intensity, needs the ability to tailor auto plan adjustments, based on a slightly broader plan setup.