Vo2max - breathing - belly pain

Hi all - quick question on breathing. When I do vo2 Max and higher wattages I experienced that better breathing actually increases belly (muscle?) pain, which thereafter slowly goes to puking point.

So far I only ended up one time above toilet and puking but wondering whether people have same experience and this is just something naturally to accept or there are ways to delay point of puking / belly pain (eg change breathing, eating etc)?

Do you breath very deeply but steady or hyperventilate (sharp, very frequent breaths)? Because it is quite difference.

Deeply but slowly and focusing on push air out. Obviously breathing freq increases when it gets tough, but basicly the long flow of air in hurts

Hmm… I usually have a pain on the right side when breathing deeper for a long time but it pass away after 3-5 minutes. When hiperventilate the feeling of puking is very strong but with vo2 max breathing (deep steady from the belly) you feel like drowning but I was puking only once - when done VO2 max too close to a meal.

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New to interval training?

Jep - will body respond differently overtime or is this how it is? Is it nevertheless recommended to keep doing deep inflows of air?

I would suggest it’s a matter of your muscular adaptation. How do you breath normally (i.e., at rest)? If from top of the lungs, spend some time focusing on moving the diaphragm and gradually these muscles will strengthen.

Could also give breath training a try (e.g., Power Breathe). However, I would focus on getting the technique right first before introducing any specific training!!

i’ve heard of people puking but always thought it was just from eating too close to intervals; cut solids out of the diet three hours before a session and see if that helps if you aren’t already doing it.

i think puking should be looked at as a very sporadic thing; don’t know many who do it often so maybe try different breathing?


I actually experienced something similar and reported it here:

What I ended doing was just to tough through the intervals and overtime the belly pain lessened and it wasn’t an issue after a few weeks.

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Back in the day we had a regional hill climb championship race up a mountain (Rockies). Always a handful of pukers at the finish as people would just stop cold…their still-pounding insides had no physical outlet, resulting in heaving convulsions. Yum.

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