Breathing tips for VO2Max segments

So, today I did Braid +6 as part of Build Medium part and this is was by a significant margin the most uncomfortable workout I have done, perhaps ever.

However, the discomfort wasn’t on my leg muscles or my heart were I normally expect it to be and I can power through, but my belly due to strong breading. It was really painful for that lower part of my body. So much that I considered stopping the workout, a first in a very long time.

Any tips to avoid that in the future? Thanks!

The podcast just had a segment on breathing that might be helpful?

What kind of pain were you experiencing in your lower body, was it an ache or something sharper?

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Pain and effort similar to doing crunches, but in an uncontrollable way.

do you work on breathing techniques or cardiovascular training? Airofit has helped me immensely, and makes riding at FTP and vo2max much more manageable. Check them out!


How exactly do you try to “control” your breathing? I have never experienced anything similar to this during VO2.

What I do is, I try to expand my belly to let as much air in, and then try to tuck in my lower abdomen as forcefully as I can on breathing out. But I never experienced this.