Vo2 workout question

In my calendar my next workout is Baird -1 with difficulty of 2.9. At present my Vo2 progression level is 2.3.

The workout itself looks manageable, nothing to be worried about. I just don’t usually see such a jump in progression levels in my training plan.

I see five other Vo2 workouts that are deemed productive ranging from difficulty level 2.4-2.8.

Just stick with the plan?

Yes. The low difficulty VO2 workouts are all very easy, ime.


baird-1 should be a cake walk

For me, all the VO2 workout under 4.5 don’t really get me in VO2 range. So i’ll usually bump them up.


That instinct is right, trust in the system just like its trusting your ability :muscle:


Yes. And give honest feedback at the end.

Not all workouts have to be hard.

I have bucked the system a few times and put in a harder workout, but that’s because I’ve been using TR for years and years and can’t let go of my arrogance :smiley:


Thanks very much for the replies. I’ll stick with it.

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