VO2 progression

Moring all, I’ve been search though the catalogue this morning looking to progress my VO2 workouts.
Bit of background had a big crash a couple of years ago and I have lung damage and a metal chest. So VO2 is hard for me to progress, so looking for workouts that move from 30 seconds to 40 50 and maybe over a minute blocks later down the road. Would rather find something already in use before getting on the workout creator anything you can think of??

You can go to Workout and tick just the VO2 box and you will gat hundred of options.

But here is a few

Barnard ( and its -1, +1+2 etc)
Baird ( and its -1, +1+2 etc)

Ansel Adams

They play around with the % FTP and duration. Might be worth starting with the -1 Variation to start with.

Good luck

Depending on how low of a starting point you’re coming from you might want to start with something relatively easy and build your way up. Honestly, you could jump into the progression below anywhere along the way based on how much of a weakness this is for you

Taylor - 30x30 at 120% - this is a pretty easy one, almost everyone can get through 30x30s at 120% - if you can’t survive this you likely have an overly ambitious FTP setting
Gendarme +9 - 30x20 at 120%
Brasted - 30x15 at 120%
Baird +1 - 60x30 at 120%
Baird +3 - 90x30 at 120%

Alternatively you can build out a progression that increases the % you’re working at, or builds duration more quickly while maintaining equal rest. Personally I prefer the format above but everyone will have different results

You could also try something that culminates in a workout like Rattlesnake, which has decreasing intensity and duration VO2 intervals

Best of luck


As suggested in the TR post about bailing, go for 1 min intervals then just drop the intensity before the minute’s up, longer recoveries but you have a target to aim for… and may find you’re doing full minutes in no time👍

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Easiest way to do this is to ride in resistance mode, and pick a workout with e.g. 3-min intervals (or start with a 1min workout like Bluebell) Then when you do the workout, only do the start of the interval, eg 30 seconds. Then next time, do 40s of each interval, and so on. That gives you enough recovery between intervals, and makes them less daunting.

I’m not sure if I’d recommend using something with 30/15s or so as a blueprint, the constant spikes and recoveries work your anaerobic system more than pure vo2max afaik. You could obviously pick on and just leave intervals out, or pedal through breaks to create longer sections.


Thanks all, some ways I’ve not thought of at attacking this. Think I’ll go with the planned workouts but reduced intensity. See how that pans out :sunglasses:

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Just want to catch up with this I’ve made some progress with a few of the comments above. I’ve been jumping into 1min on 30seconds off and the dropping the intensity as well as the workout progresses I’m far from happy but I’m making a small dent in the compleat failures I have been having, thanks all for the imput

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