VO2 Workout "Productive" Results

I am just getting started using TR and in week 2… no experience with structured training, but have been riding on Zwift on and off for 2 years. I’m doing a customer plan based on a 100km Gravel race I have coming up in the Spring.

My workout today was 60min, Grassy Ridge -3 (3 blocks of 8x 30 seconds @110% of FTP & 30 seconds @ 50%). At the end of the workout it shows my progression bars, says this workout improved my VO2 Max by 0.6. Thing is my Max HR during the workout was only 158bpm, and this is barely out of my Zone 2 HR.

I did the ramp test at the start of the plan and am using the FTP based off that of 233. Though in November-December 2022 I was doing 40-50min races on Zwift and was having Normalized Power of ~250-275w where max HR is 175-185bpm in the race.

Is the training plan slowing working me up and I should just trust the process?

This is a common question, you can check out the many existing topics that touch on it:


Thanks I’ll check out those threads!

Found my answer. See your name in many posts, thanks for your contribution.

Not sure if I can delete my original question to keep the forum clean?

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Glad you found what you needed and I’m always happy to have helped. :smiley:

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