Zwift lite ramp test low or FTP prediction too high

Looking for some advice. Recently did a zwift lite ramp test and achieved an 212 watt FTP. Granted I was off the back of some decent load but I did sensibly take a few days break before the test. I put alot of effort in and it felt like an all our test. My one concern was the lite test jumped in 15watt intervals instead of 20watt, maybe there was some unnecessary time in the mid watts range?

I recently got back in board with Trainerroad and usually fluctuate in and out of structured training depending on my MTB goals. I got an FTP prediction of 237 watts.

Struggling to know which is accurate. 25 watts feels like a fair bit of variation? I took a stab at a manual FTP of 220 to try and meet the difference - bizarrely though , that seems quite close for threshold workouts but fair too easy for VO2 max?

Any advice on why this might be?

VO2max has almost nothing to do with FTP so you can ignore that. Could be anything between 108% and 130% depending the individual and the duration and frequency of the repeats and rest intervals, so you can’t use vo2max to try and validate a FTP test result.

If threshold intervals feel about right that is the better indicator, but better still is to do a 30 - 40 minute TT.


Thanks although this has added to my confusion. So does that mean I shouldn’t follow the TR VO2 max workouts ?

Re vo2 sessions

TR workouts will change depending on how fill in the post workout survey.

You might get a few unproductive / easy for you vo2max workouts before it realises and bumps your level up to a more appropriate level. Equally for some people it might reduce the level.

Some Vo2max workouts in the library have the same stucture but a different precentage of FTP (there might be a version at 108% all the way up to 120% for 4x 5 minutes for example, which is a board range), it can take a session or two to workout which is the best fit at a given time for an individual.

If more experienced using resistance mode and just going best effort for the repeats is the best way in my opinion, using the precentage as a guide for the first but then go harder or easier depending on how you think you can complete the set.

Using the TR session and erg mode will probably get you 90% of the way there once it adjusts you level, but I personally dont think it that is near to optimal, however certainly good enough if you are not sure of your capabilities.

Out of interest what vo2max sessions seemed to easy?

PS there are lots of threads on vo2max intervals and TR, with good information in them. Search. Have a read and do what you feel is the best fit for you. :slight_smile:

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The instructions on the ramp test lite say that if you’re under 132 lbs OR you’re very new to cycling, you should consider the lite test. Basically, most people should use the standard ramp test. Especially with a 212W FTP.


I’d suggest that with a FTP in your range, the Lite version might not be the test for you, as it says nin the notes

“Note that this test is designed for lighter riders or beginners. For more experienced and/or heavier riders, try the Ramp Test, which starts at a higher wattage and uses larger increments to cover a higher range on the power spectrum.”"

I’d suggest with your FTP the Lite is the wrong ramp test

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I had layed off structured training for about a year and half, perhaps in hindsight I was a bit conservative called myself a beginner again - point taken.

I’ll manually bump my FTP up a bit a see how close I can get to the 236 ai prediction. I’m really not a big fan of testing, and my ‘real’ ftp isn’t so much of a concern more that I am seeing trends of improvement. I do however want to be in the correct ranges to get the desired stimulus

Thank you for taking the time to reply , this is all really helpful.

My first programmed vo2 max were sleeping beauty and Taylor. With sleeping beauty I barely broke sweat and my HR was incredibly low, I learned with Taylor and once I realized it was too easy I bumped it up to 105%, moving in the right direction but still too easy.

Right, so your FTP was underestimated by more than 5%.

If 220W for your FTP feels like about right for threshold - challenging but sustainable, but not sustainable forever is how I’d phrase it - then use that. But if the resulting VO2max workouts feel too easy, then it could be that you have very strong anaerobic capacity.

From my experience, Zwift’s Gorby workout is described as very hard, 5x 5 mins at 110% FTP. Right now, I can knock out 5x5 at over 115% FTP.

There’s some threads on VO2max here, but I think the best advice is learn to self-pace your VO2max work. You’re aiming to go as hard as you can across the whole workout - your power for each interval can decline a bit, but you want to keep going as long as you’re hitting high power. That could be as simple as turning erg off and hammering.

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Those are micro reps/intervals very easy if more anaerobic.

If you marked it easy or moderate I expect you progression to be something around 4.5 … maybe Bluebell or Bashfull next up.

You could do what you are given and if too easy bump the intensity precentage as you did before or chose an alternative workout between 4.5 and 5.0.

Eventually ai with catch-up.

As I said i believe in turning erg off and going best effort… but that relies on you knowing your capabilities.

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