VO2 Max intensity?

I agree. I’m starting out with shorter efforts. Almost 2 years off the bike and being very cautious with my hamstring, I didn’t want to start out with really long efforts. I felt a little burn in my quads but far from what I would expect. Just looked at my max HR, it was mostly in the mid 130’s and low 140’s throughout the intervals. Seems low? I’ll play with the calibration and go from there.

  • Impossible to say without knowing your max HR.
  • Regardless, that is a relatively low rated VO2 level workout, so it will not likely be one of those in the ‘punisher’ level where you think you will never catch your breath. Other workouts in the 5+ level range would likely hit the feeling you mention.

Last I checked it was 190.

That’s a similar max HR as me and I associate high 170s into 180s with VO2 max… Threshold around 165-170. Although I did 1hr @ 183 in a Zwift race last winter… nasty.

Obviously everyone is different etc. but even for an easy VO2 interval, 140 if you’ve a max of 190 sounds not at all like VO2 max to me… I did Baird -2 earlier tonight and mine topped out at 177 right at the end (it was meant to be achievable, and it felt achievable).

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I would check calibration before doing anything else. No point in what ifs when that is in question.

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my sister bought an Saris H2 and started training with an FTP around 90W. I spoke with her a lot at the time, and she didn’t say anything about spinning out or the app pausing. She preferred the H2 over her rollers because it was safer (no chance of falling off).

Like others have said, vo2max intervals come in a lot of different forms. The classic 3-min or 4-min or 5-min should be done where you struggle to complete them at whatever power you can repeatably do. Your FTP is not the best way to set intensity of vo2max intervals, however if you are in the bell curve then 3-min intervals at 120% is a good starting point.

For myself, consistently doing 5+ hours/week of zone2 endurance work is better preparation for 3-min vo2max intervals (versus preparing by doing TR SSB MV). In other words, doing more boring zone2 work I can go above 120% on 3-min vo2 intervals, while doing TR SSB I’d end up doing 3-min vo2 intervals at something like 110-112%. FWIW.

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Gold, you’re my hero

@Lennyeddy some VO2 workouts are ‘easier’ than others. I find Baird-3 to be on the easy side of VO2 workouts. You are unlikely to find any of your scheduled VO2 workouts all that difficult…but you’ve got some threshold workouts that will probably challenge you…and some of the anaerobic stuff on your schedule can be tough for some riders.

My advice is to ‘walk down the hill’ for this first little bit of the schedule. It can creep up on you if you make every single workout in the first couple weeks a ‘stretch’ workout. Then when the training load starts to creep up as the workout plan naturally does you can be in a hole.

If you get to Bear Creek and it feels like tempo consider bumping up your FTP a little.

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