Vivid Dreams with Intensity

I’ve noticed that I get more dreams, and more vivid dreams on days where I do intensity (including SS). In contrast, I tend to dream very little, or, at least, don’t remember my dreams on days where all I do is zone 2.

This could be in my head, completely by chance, or a mix of factors, but I’m curious to see if anyone else has experienced anything similar. This might be a good topic to explore. I wonder how it affects recovery.

Not strictly linked to individual intense workouts, but I get some pretty mad dreams during particularly heavy training loads, especially if they have a greater proportion of high-end work. It can actually be a sign that i’m either pushing into non-functional overreaching territory or not eating enough- obviously that’s not the only cause, but along those lines I feel it might be related to elevated cortisol levels or something similar.

It may be that you are more exhausted, and your body is in a “deeper sleep” (hitting more REM sleep):

Stages of Sleep

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