Visualization of interval structure for outdoor workouts [Feature Request]

As long as the weather permits, I ride almost exclusively outside - sacrifices in workout efficiency and quality be damned!

As such, my TR calendar just looks like a sea of GPS maps. And any upcoming workouts on my plan just show up as the workout name.

I find the visualization of the intervals - as they would show up for indoor rides - to be really helpful when trying to get an overall sense of the structure of an individual workout or an entire block. It’s easy to glance at a workout and see if it’s steady state, VO2 intervals, etc when you can see it right there. This is lost when you switch to outdoor workouts.

I would rather still see a chart of the planned interval structure than a GPS map on the calendar for my outdoor rides that are linked to specific workouts. Or perhaps some kind of overlay. For me personally, the GPS maps are especially irrelevant since I ride a lot of the same routes over and over again for my weekly rides.

A snapshot of what my calendar looks like… gives no sense at all about what kind of rides I’ve been doing!


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