Why do outside workouts hide the graph in calendar?

If I want a quick glance at the shape of my workout I have to open it and toggle it as ‘indoors’ to see the graph then back again before I ride. I’m just wondering why outside rides get no graph in the calendar?

This isn’t really a feature request as I have a workaround that I’m happy with, I’m more curious to hear from other users and/or UI experts to understand that particular design choice.

Does the disappearing graph work fo you? And if so, how?


This ^^^^^^^^^^^

My guess to why would be the bar chart disappears because a lot of outside workouts have a press lap to continue feature, so in theory you could have variances on some thing like 10min warm up, 2min and 3 secs before pressing lap 1min interval, 2min recovery, 1 min and 38 secs before pressing lap, 1min interval 2 min recovery and 25 secs before pressing lap etc This would quickly become very complicated to chart pre work out. I would like something however, basically to indicate the profile of the work out with just a symbol indicating the presence of an press lap to continue. It would be handy to know when or when not these are coming up.

I don’t think this is the reason, and if it is it’s not a great reason. Training Peaks allows you to end laps on a button press and it still shows the workout structure. It wouldn’t be hard to just display those button presses and something like a green line, arrow, etc.

Though I do agree that it would be helpful to show those button press vs auto lap intervals when looking at an outdoor workout. Currently I have to get the workout onto my Garmin, open the workout, then manually look at each of the laps to see when those manual breakpoints are.


Just a thought: leave the chart exactly as it is, but make it green (or something easily discernible by colorblind folks). We don’t need to see all the outside specific nuance, just the intended profile.



I would still like to see them in the calendar as well. It is still handy to know what is coming and maybe which outdoor course best fits that profile.


I’ve noticed that the actual intervals change a bit when changing from inside workout to an outside workout. Perhaps that’s why? That, plus the aforementioned ‘lap button to continue’ aspect.


That is the most likely reason. Some workouts are a direct replica while other change somewhat dramatically in the “profile” look. TR tends to blend and simplify many of the more “complex” inside workouts to make ones easier to apply while outside.

Passing that feedback along to the team. Thanks, all!


They could still show the outside graph. I would expect most people would want to see the effort and would have a rough idea where they would use the pause option for the route they will be using.

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Sure, they could do lots of stuff. I was only trying to give what I saw as a reason they might have removed them (speculation on the current state, not a direction of a future state).


I would put this question wider - why at all do we need a special version of the same workout for outdoor?? As mwglow15 mentioned, none of TP workouts have such. I never had any problems executing TP workouts outdoor. And if you need to hold on and wait for the turn to pass before next MS, you may always pause workout, you don’t need to press lap to advance.

I think this is a good way to achieve the same outcome for athletes that want to make sure their overall duration and TSS is accurately recorded, while still only needing to press a key once via lap (or I suppose versus pausing and re-starting, would be 2x key presses).

For what its worth, many workouts with shorter rest are designed to not require lap key use at all! We’re always looking for ways to constantly improve and make systems and processes better, so we appreciate any feedback on how the lap system could improve. :+1:

Update on the OP topic of displaying workout graph for Outside Workouts: this is on the roadmap!



Yay for the graphs! Another thing I would like to have is percentages in the the description as well as the wattage. I like to title the ride afterwards with a description. Like today’s workout was 4x4@114%. That percentage is gone when converted to outdoor workout, so I either have to check the indoor or calculate. I presume the percentage is still “in the data” since wattages are derived from this.

This seems to be active as of today, even though it’s not officially announced at this time.

I am closing this topic for now. Please comment in the linked one.