Virtual Power - With Speed sensor

I am using a dumb trainer(not listed in TR Devices). I am curious to know if cadence affects Virtual Power. Will Virtual Power remain the same with only a speed sensor? Does the combination of speed and cadence change Virtual Power on a dumb trainer ?

When I used my dumb Muin TR needed both speed and cadence to calculate virtual power.

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Cadence should not be necessary to run Virtual Power. Wheel speed is the key factor for VP calculations.

Cadence could be anywhere depending on bike gearing. The only way TR could “use” cadence for power was if it actually knew what gearing was in use. Without gearing, cadence is an empty value.

Maybe there is some requirement for it to be paired, which I don’t think is the case, but I haven’t tested to know for sure. Either way, cadence serves no purpose for the VP info.


@mcneese.chad This helps. Thank you.

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@HLaB My cadence sensor stopped working. I will have to use only speed sensor till I get replacement.