Virtual Power - Power Display Issues when using "Cadence Only" PM Option

I’m using Virtual Power as I only have a ‘dumb’ trainer and my usual indoor (beater) bike does not have a PM. However, for the next few weeks i’m doing a few workouts on my ‘outdoor’ bike (which has a Stages crank-based PM) as i’ve just had a bike fit and i’m evaluating the new position.

Here’s my problem - I’m continuing to use VP for consistency (there’s a 29-30W difference between VP and my PM) but I still want to use the “Cadence Only” option for the PM so I get cadence displayed. However, when I check this option I get cadence readings :+1: but then no (virtual) power displayed :-1:

In a nutshell, VP will not display if the PM is paired, even when set to “cadence only”.
Is this a bug or can I do something to get PM-based cadence while still using Virtual Power?
Thanks in advance.

Sorry to ask a silly question, but I have to assume you have a speed sensor on your ‘outdoor’ bike and it is paired up ok? Interesting problem.

I haven’t personally used VP with the cadence only option, but I do use cadence only at times when I happen to have multiple power meters connected (and it seems to work ok in that situation).

Yep, I add the speed sensor to the outdoor bike when I use it indoors.
Everything pairs up ok - (HR strap, speed sensor, PM (with cadence), but if I tell the TR app to use the PM “cadence only” option it displays cadence ok, but drops the Virtual Power watts, all I see is " - - ".

In a nutshell, VP will not display if the PM is paired, even when set to “cadence only” (i’ll add this line to the first post).

I’d report this directly to so they can review it.

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Thanks Chad!

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