Tips to use TR with minimal devices

Hello ’ every one, I need suggestion how to use TR with minimal devices.
Do you know if TR will work properly only using HRstrioe and cadence sensor?

Next month , I am going to work abroad and the only way to continue for training would be to use a spin bike…I am going to have HR stripe and cadence sensor, anything more…
Thank you on advance for your tips

put a speed sensor on wheel. I used some dual lock velcro and put a garmin speed sensor on my old spin bike. It worked great, I also had a cadence sensor on cranks and used Garmin rally spd pedals; The newer sensor only works like i have it, the older ones will work on side of disk. then u just have to calibrate.

TR supports RPE if you don’t have power. Or perhaps virtual power?

FWIW I used HR zones before power. It requires some understanding of how to use HR zones for training, but has been very effective for my training before and after buying a power meter.

You could use RPE ( RPE Key Explained – TrainerRoad) with no devices. Or if you added a speed sensor you could get virtual power (assuming you have a compatible trainer, which you probably do or at least could advise you which one to use as proxy) - How VirtualPower Works – TrainerRoad

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Thank you very much guys :wave: