Peloton and speed/cadence sensor with Trainer Road

Hi there.

Does anyone have experience using Peloton bike with either a speed/cadence sensor or power pedals with TRainer road?

And secondly how well does a speed cadence sensor work for Trainer Road group workouts

I am doing group workouts and people are interested but have the Peloton bike

  • Generally speaking, VirtualPower works fine for any TR workouts, including group workouts. Here are some guides that cover VP in detail.
  • That said, VP is not really practical for spin bikes (including the P bikes). The manually adjustable resistance is not really compatible for TR to have a default power curve to estimate power (as is done with other “dumb/standard” trainers.

  • The most common recommendation to use a spin bike with TR is to use power meter pedals.

FWIW about 6 years ago I went to the gym and started doing spin classes on Spinner™ bikes. Used a Wahoo cadence sensor on my shoe. Works great. Got the idea from a DCRainmaker blog post.