Virtual Power on Wahoo Bolt

I see that I can use my Wahoo Bolt as a head unit to do TR workouts. I figure it will give me alerts and targets at the correct time, but I don’t have a power meter.

Does the Bolt display virtual power like the TR app does during these workouts? That way I can use it for targets, or do I have to use RPE targets if I am not running the app?

I don’t want to pay for a month of TR just to find out that my ideal situation won’t work…

No, you can’t display Virtual Power on the Bolt since it’s something computed on TR side.

More info:

  • RPE is what you use outside, if you don’t have a power meter.
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Yes, and using your Bolt is also only needed when you do your workout outside, inside you can use your phone, tablet, mac or pc to run TrainerRoad and do your workout.

If you don’t own a power meter OR indoor trainer and plan to use TR with RPE only, I would not advise that, for that, the price is too high.

But indoor with virtual or real power or outdoor with real power it’s a very powerful training tool :slight_smile:

If you want to try 1 month, you can ask around for referral codes, I have a few left, so let me know if you are interested

Before getting a power meter on my bike, I used heart rate. That works better for me, once I had good heart rate zones and understanding there is a 30-60 second lag on HR.

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Sure, that can work too. It will just take a bit of work on the rider’s part to correlate their HR data to the target Power or RPE zones from the scheduled outside TR workout. Totally doable, but not directly integrated to the TR outside workouts.

I would prefer they use different options for outdoor without power, I’m now so used to indoor power, HR, and percentages of FTP that I would rather have HR targets or just percentage of FTP as a target outdoor, that makes more sense to me then a new arbitrary scale.

Thanks all!

Makes perfect sense. I was just trying to avoid rigging up a screen, but I’ll just bite the bullet!

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I am using a second (cheap) phone case with a garmin mount sticker, to put my phone on my garmin mount for indoor TR workouts, just swap the case and twist the phone on the mount :slight_smile:
(I would trust it outdoors, but I have a 530 for that, but indoor with the phone on the bars works perfect, and the tv is available for netflix or youtube)

I assume you can find the same for wahoo mounts