Vintage bikes! Post your pics!

Just returned from the (Nova) Eroica California, and there are a LOT of vintage bikes that come into town. My two favorites spotted while in Cambria this past weekend…

  1. Durkopp track bike:

  1. Colnago 1980 tandem for the Olympics

one of only 11 made or remaining (not sure which), this tandem was made for the 1980 Olympics and wasn’t used because of the boycott. Thats what I was told, the owner says he is challenged that the bike and his story are real.

Thinking of buying a vintage bike someday, and doing the “real” Eroica on Sunday. Last two years I did the Nova Eroica on Saturday, with a modern bike.

Post your vintage bike pics!


Our group had a bring your oldest bike day a few weeks back. Mine’s an alloy kinesis, which you couldn’t really call vintage (circa 2015), but there was some beauties on show.


Here is my vintage Colnago C40. I got it in practically unused condition.