Oldest bikes used for TR?

I’m relatively new to TR, but I used to road race back in the '80s as a junior.
Threw my circa 1985 Somec on a Kickr, it’s doing okay.
(Even has tan sidewall tubulars)
I’m sure there are older rigs out there!


I don’t have anything useful to add…other than saying that is a beautiful bike :star_struck:


I can’t match that…but I am rocking a 1995 Schwinn SuperSport w/ a Mavic SSC crank.


My 1985 Bridgestone 600 is in pieces right now, but that wasn’t my trainer bike, that was my fun bike. I want to get it as original as possible again and enjoy riding it again. So a great bike.

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1984 Specialized Expedition (usually set up as a winter bike) has been on my smart trainer, Kreitler rollers, various mag and fluid and wind trainers. Original owner, bought it a long time ago…

Nice! That old metal holds up.

The funny thing is, I had a dream to get my bike as original as possible again.

Then I realized that a) I just needed something to plop on the trainer, and b) when I was racing in my youth, I was utterly unsentimental about the bike. It ended up a mish-mash of components, which didn’t bother me in the least at that time!

Use a 1999 Colnago Tecnos on my rollers. Lightweight steel frame (~18.5 lbs). Favorite bike to road ride as well

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Short version, it was my first road bike that I got around 2016, for free. Only thing obviously wrong was the rear wheel. I swapped some parts out with some slightly more modern drivetrain (that I also got for free) and did about 10000 mile on the next year or so until buying a cheap used carbon roadie. It was such a joy to ride, but I got my hands on a SperSix Evo for a stupid cheap price, so the Bridgestone sits.

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