Your FAVORITE Bike Brand

Nothing to do with training, but just want to see who likes what, and why. If you could only have ONE favorite bike brand, what would it be, and why? Is it because of innovation? Style? Pricing? Quality? History?

Looking forward to learning about brands I know little about.

Always been a Cannondale fan. Started with MTB’s in the late 90’s early 00’s, I always loved that they did things a little differently to most other manufacturers e.g. the lefty suspension fork was just so cool, never failed to draw comments every ride from cyclists and random folk. My first big budget bike was a Scalpel Team replica. It was just so different to every other XC MTB out there and I loved it, one of those bikes I wish I never sold.

The company is not what it once was. Unfortunately that was always going to be the case, they were never going to be able to continue the whole ‘hand-built in the USA’ thing, and be able to compete with the other big brands cheap as chips far east construction. Still, it’s nice to know that the new owners seem to respect what made them a great brand in the first place. Albeit the crazyness has been toned down substantially.

Nowadays I don’t do MTB any more but I’ve still got 2 x Cannondale’s in the stable. A Synapse Hi-Mod and a System Six Hi-Mod, both with SRAM RED. Love 'em both.

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Colnago Wiki

and finally…

My Colnago C60 as Dressed for 2019

2020 Dressing is underway waiting for when we get the All Clear and can get our Group Rides Outside back on schedule.

Right now its on the KICKR with me screaming at Coach Chad saying Pedal Harder!

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Specialized hand’s down for me!

Criterias :
Product quality
Design language


Used to be Trek but since I got a Specialized I am becoming a fanboy. Every product I buy is exceeding my expectations.


Bastion - most innovative company at the moment.


I’m all aboard that Cannondale hype train. I had a couple of Specializeds before my first Cdale, but once I hopped on the 'Dale, I haven’t been on anything else. I’m not opposed to other brands, of course, but it’s hard to see myself buying anything else. I love every Cdale I’ve had.

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I’ve always been a Felt fanboy mostly because I’m a contrarian and really liked their look. I really wanted to get their AR series when I bought my last bike, but they didn’t have disc brakes available and I definitely wanted those so… now I ride a Trek Madone SLR6 Disc which I really love!

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For me, it’s Santa Cruz. XC MTB is my primary focus and I’ve had great success on my Santa Cruz bikes. Performance can’t be directly attributed to the bike alone, but I really do like the feel and look of most of their bikes. I’d love to have a Stigmata for CX racing as well, but I don’t race enough to justify it.
With the addition of their new e-bike this year I will say that my loyalty faltered a bit. :unamused:

Trek. I love my two Procalibers (their names are Arion and Skyphios). I want to get the Supercaliber when I can afford/justify it.
My favorite LBS carries it. I tried it and just fell in love with it.
A lot of awesome female MTB riders are sponsored by it. (I am Swiss; therefore I am legally required to admire Jolanda Neff :wink: But Emily Batty is also bad ass - and many others…)
I have a Specialized Amira Roadbike (his name is Pegasus); he is my trainer bike now. I don’t think I want to ride outside on a bike without disc brakes.

Newer cyclist here, so I don’t have the most experience, but I ended up going with a Canyon recently and I’m stoked on it. Being relatively inexperienced and a poor uni student I couldn’t justify spending crazy money, but I wanted something with upgrade potential because it’s going to be a while before I can save up for another bike. Ended up with a entry-level speedmax and I think was the best choice within my price range, and the customer service was fantastic. As it stands the rider needs some serious upgrades before I worry about the bike :wink:


Look, Time and Giant.

All three for sticking to the formula of building everything in house and staying on top of the quality control. The latter to me is the major point, as sadly, it appears to be missing from many other brands that outsource the production to whoever gets it done for least amount of $$.

Salsa brand bikes.


Parlee and Moots - I love the hand-built/bespoke brands and neither of these are pretentious.

I do have a thing for the German brands too though, my first roadbike was a Focus Cayo and I now ride a Canyon Ultimate.