Viewing outside-compatible workout alternates

When browsing through workout alternates, it seems that there is no way to know if an alternate workout is outside-compatible until I’ve replaced it. This becomes frustrating when I’m looking specifically for an outside-compatible workout—I have to replace the workout, then go to its edit page only to find out (sometimes) there is no outside version.

Please let me know if I’m missing something. Otherwise cosider this a feature request! :sunglasses:


I’d need to search and find Ivy’s similar responses, but ALL workouts are aimed to have outside workout options. There are holes in the library right now, because they added so many new workouts to fill in gaps for use with AT. So, they are already planned and in motion from what I have read.


Thanks! I must have had a string of bad luck in the past where I kept selecting workouts that were inside only.

THIS. Nailed it.


Just found one: Scollop. It looks like Whitley and Allison are essentially the same, so I’ll push one of those to my Garmin.

(And now that I look at it, aren’t Whitley and Allison identical?)

Some workouts will be similar, but should not be identical. Reach out to if you see identical workouts.