Please add "Has Outside Workout Option" to the workout filter [Resolved ✅]

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First of all I love TR! I was wondering if you could add additional “HasOutsideOption” filter option while adding workout to the calendar. If user wants to pick let’s say long endurance outside workout most workouts don’t have the outside option so user needs to go multiple workouts to find one.

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With the revamped search and all the new workouts, there’s a clear gap in showing which workouts have an outside option (btw, why are not all workout doable outdoor? :thinking: ).

Would be a nice addition both in the workout view page and in the search (exactly like “instructions” is)

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Every workout should have an outside option, except for the Ramp Test! Some newer workouts don’t have the same name outside equivalent while we build towards 1:1 for every workout to have an exact outside version. :v:

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Mh… I have “Slight Side” scheduled for tomorrow, and it has no Outside option…
Even searching for similar workouts, Lamont, Quindio, Coco… all those lack an Outside option too :slight_smile:

I’d love for a workout filter that could toggle workouts that have outdoor equivalents. I’m trying to find a VO2 max workout that fits a local hill climb I do, and I found a good 5-10 workouts that fit, but none of them have outdoor equivalents. Can we get a filter that only shows outdoor workouts?

Edit: Also, why is it that some workouts don’t have outdoor equivalents? Like 4x8min at 110%, seems pretty simple for outdoors.

@CaptainThunderpants i moved your post under an identical one that existed already. See Ivy’s comment above for your 2nd question.

Ah, thanks. I tried searching but didn’t see one. Thanks for the find.

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Would seriously love a a filter for finding outdoor workouts. Here are all the similar VO2 max workouts that DO NOT have an outdoor workout.

White Oak
Mount McGuire
Spence Field
Smoky Dome
Piper Peak
Shelly Mountain

There is a single Outdoor workout (Bonneville) that covers all of those listed above. Which is fine. I’m glad there’s an outdoor equivalent. The problem is finding it. In order to find this, you can’t filter out only indoor workouts, you have to click through each individual workout page, schedule it on a given day, then it will show if it has an outdoor workout. So you have to click through 5-10 different workouts and schedule each one individually to finally find the outdoor workout. Seriously a waste of time. Just add a simple filter that only shows outdoor workouts.

Thanks for the request! While it does seem like a simple request from a development standpoint, energy is concerted into higher priority features and fixes at the moment, and ultimately, the long-term solution is to just have outside equivalents for every workuot. I definitely hear you and know this is frustrating so our apologies for not having this all wrapped up yet, but we’re on our way!


If you search via the web-browser instead of the app, you do have to select the workout, but you don’t need to schedule it before you can see if there’s an outdoor version or not. At least that’s my experience with it.

I had a similar situation for a some endurance and temp workouts. I just looked for an alternative that was in the same level (achievable) and had a similar progression number.

It is a slightly convoluted process but I guess Ivy’s answer covers that.

Quite often I find you can select Outside for a workout (e.g.,Three Fools for example) and it says outside, nothing changes on the workout page and when I go back to it it is still scheduled for inside. If I then swap it for something similar (e.g., Wright Peak), the workout changes as soon as I select Outside, I can go and check it and it is still selected for outside and it also pushes to my Garmin

Hmm… if a workout has an outside option and is able to be pushed to head unit for outside workout but isn’t doing so, please check in with so they can take a look. Something may be amiss there for sure. Sorry for the trouble!

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Looking for a workout for tomorrow - why is ‘outside’ ride not a choice amongst all of the filters? I narrowed it down based on other criteria only to find the workout I had settled on didn’t have an outside variant


I moved your comment under the existing feature request that matches yours.

Thanks Chad - although the responses in the thread above were pretty lame. Basically all workouts should have an outside version, then numerous people chime in with lists of workouts that don’t. Cue the same old answer to almost every feature request - sorry too busy working on other stuff. I can’t help but think something like this should just be nuts and bolts (I get that other stuff is more complex - eg swim/bike/run etc) but this doesn’t really seem that hard

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I’m pretty sure they all do. In the App, select the chosen workout from your calendar and click the ‘pen’ to edit. Here you can switch it to outside. I do this a lot and haven’t come across a workout that doesn’t allow it.

Unfortunately, not true when picking from the workout catalog (not a plan-populated workout on your calendar, if that is what you meant). I contacted support about this as I found a number of anaerobic workouts in my PL range did not have outside options. Took a long time to find one that had the profile I needed.

TR says they ARE adding outside workouts frequently and anecdotally I can believe it - lots of endurance rides used to not have outdoor versions and now I rarely come across one that doesn’t.


Literally the first workout I found (Gibbs-1) has no outside variant

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Ah, it seems they’re not then. As previously mentioned though, those within the plans do all have them, so it’s makes sense to have prioritised them first. Hopefully work is ongoing for the others.

I guess I’ve been fortunate to only work from a plan or have the ability to find alternatives.

Shouldnt need a workout for Z2 work though :wink:

Not sure if this is already the case but…

If you’ve set a workout to “outside” then it would be great if Train Now only offered workouts with outside variants.

When I did the Polarised Plans earlier this year there were one or two of the VO2max workouts without outside variants, can’t remember which ones, but in general it wasn’t a problem even though I did the entire plans outside. Without checking I don’t think that’s the case now.

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