Very slow recovery after training

Hey guys need some help I am 46 male I am using trainerroad doing sweetspot base it looks like I never recover after my hard working out my muscle is still delicate any tip of anything I could use for fast recovery because my recovery is very slow and looks like I’m not getting any stronger

I’m 38 and I’ve had to accept that I’m a slow recoverer. Nowadays, my plan is based around day on/day off. It’s been tough to accept but that’s just how my body works. Things whic have helped me are foam rolling, focusing on rehydration and refuelling and increasing the amount of protein in my diet. I also have to increase the warm up by at least 10 minutes now, otherwise I’m not really ready to train.

Bear in mind that a lot of training plans are written as a one-size-fits-all product and not optimised for individuals - what works for a 20 year old won’t necessarily work for us older riders.

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I’m not an expert but I think you should take care of basics.

  • consistency with reasonable progression (with no significant increases in volume); your body has to use to given training load
  • good, quality sleep
  • good, quality food
  • reduce life stress (I know, easy to say)
  • reduce alcohol
  • foam roller and stretching routine (be careful, don’t overdo it)

Good luck, have fun!


Which volume?

How much rest do you get?

How much protein are you eating?

Well I am doing the sweet spot base mid volume 1 and vol 2 and I get enough rest and I don’t take Protein supplement I only get my Protein from food

Well, Indont know your fitness background but I’d consider doing low volume plans first, and increase your protein in take - assuming you have a healthy balance diet (I don’t) you need more protein than average to build the muscles you’re working, and as we age (I’m a similar age) we need more protein than we did when we were younger.

I reckon those two things will see a marked difference in how rested you feel before sessions :+1:

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Look into recovery drinks with a 4:1 ratio of carbs and protein (Recoverite), that MAY help. Also, stretching immediately after you ride. I do both and I believe it helps me (42 yrs old btw). I also try to have legs up as much as possible and my rest days very restful. It doesn’t remove soreness, but takes the edge off. Also, don’t be afraid to skip a workout if your legs are smoked. Listen to your body, which is easier said than done.

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I would agree with this. I am 61 and I use SIS Rego after any hard workout and I do feel it helps me recover.
Sleep and rest are your friends as well as adaquate refuelling after you train.

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Try lowering intensity a notch or two for a few weeks to see how you feel. Reshuffle the plan to have a recovery week after two weeks of effort - there was a helpful post not long ago on how to do that.


For sure with SSB. 5 weeks on 1 week off can be a little much for some. Adjust the calendar through SSB1 and SSB 2 to have the more traditional 3 on 1 off schedule. This will be crucial in SSB2 which is significantly more demanding than SSB1.

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