Vertical yellow line issue?

I’ve been using TR since Jan 2018. On today’s workout the vertical yellow line (2) was pulsing. On for 10 seconds, off for 4, on for 10, off for 4, throughout the entire workout…is this normal? It was extremely off putting, making me think the trainer was dropping out all the time, until I realised it was a specific pattern. Has anyone else experienced this? I’m sure it never used to :thinking:

I’ve never seen that. Also kudos for you to be able to focus on anything with a workout like that!

What platform was that on? Are you running the latest version?

The workout above was just for visual vertical line reference! Haha

This was the actual one…

So that pisses on my chips now :relaxed:

Im on windows laptop, updated the software before the workout. Couple of connection issues and resistance dropouts during the workout, but nothing as perfectly structured as the 10 on, 4 off pulse of the yellow line!

updated this morning aswel before my workout and had also connection problems on my workout. every 5 sec it stopped ( yellow line disapeared) and then it continued. the power dint drop on the trainer cos it was back just in time cos off the delay it has. but still anoying because i dint have that before.

AH! Then it wasn’t just me! This is exactly what was happening to me!

Windows, did the update this morning, no issues Sunday. Today the vertical line was disappearing and the horizontal line, ftp, was gone (or was it ever there?). Everything worked, just quirky after update. Hopefully fixed soon?

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Same thing this morning and yes the FTP line is gone, I didn’t notice before.

me too, vertical line there, then not there, then there again. It was seemingly random around 4 or 10 seconds and didn’t affect the workout but was a distraction…

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I noticed the same thing on my workout yesterday. Vertical line would be cutting out almost as if the connection was dropping. I thought it was because I was experimenting with using trainer road and zwift at the same time, and connections weren’t as strong. I haven’t used TR that long but don’t remember seeing that line cut out before the recent update that rolled through.

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I’ve reached out to TR helpdesk and hopefully we will get a response ASAP.

Hey, everyone!

A flickering yellow progress line certainly is strange and unintentional behavior. For me, that’d be really distracting, too!

@Crownan, I found your ticket you have open with Brennen, and I’m going to make sure this problem is reported to our Software Quality Assurance Team.

From here, our Software QA Analysts will investigate, reproduce, and pass this issue along to our Software Engineering Team to fix.

I don’t have an exact timeline on this (bugs like this can sometimes be pretty tricky to eradicate), but everyone can be sure we’re now aware of this and looking into it.

Thanks again for the reports, y’all!


Thanks very much!

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thanks for looking into this! It’s been happening to me last week or so…

Any update on this? I have it going on every workout lately. Does not seem to affect the actual workout, it’s just distracting.

Our Software Engineering Team has been working to reproduce this issue, and it should be fairly easy for them to fix once they accomplish a reproduction.

From there, it should be sorted out relatively soon as long as no higher priority bugs come down the pipeline.

Sorry about the inconvenience, everyone!


New user here, 1st workout today with Trainerroad and had this very issue. Vertical yellow progress line disappearing for a few seconds at a time. Kickr, Cadence & HR all stayed on OK.

Hope it gets sorted, migrated here from Zwift due to constant lock-ups!!!

I am experiencing the same issues for weeks now (TR App for Windows). The yellow vertical progress line is flickering, and the white horizontal FTP line is gone.


Yep, still on-going although thankfully it seems not to be affecting the actual workouts :crossed_fingers:t3:

Another observation!

Today I used the ‘minimal’ window and the progress line and FTP line were both present and correct! So I thought it had be fixed and went back to full screen to find that it hasn’t. But I wanted to report the observation. @Alex