Specialized Venge Vs Tarmac

Currently in the process of working out my 2020 bike and was hoping to get some information. The two bikes would be either an SWorks Venge or Tarmac (56cm), the rest of the build would be identical so the real question comes down to the weight difference between the two. I know that @Nate went with the Venge as there was no weight difference in the 61cm frame. However I was wondering what the difference was in the 56cm.

And before the replies start down that path, I’m quite aware of the ‘aero’ benefit of the venge, and of the Specialized Podcast episode with regard to choosing a bike to match the biggest benefit you’ll get in a race.

Everyones help will be greatly appricated.

There was a weight difference but the Corsa tires vs the tl 5000 made up the difference along with SRAM axs vs red.

I think it was between 200-400 grams.

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If all you want to know is weight difference and don’t want to discuss aero qualities, I’d recommend changing the title of the post. My guess is that most folks will come here to talk aero.

You might get a much faster answer to your question over on Weight Weenies: https://weightweenies.starbike.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=3

Good luck! I have a 2019 S-Works Tarmac. It’s one hell of a bike!


It’s about 1/2 pound. See this thread for a more full discussion with Cameron Piper, Specialized product manager and pro racer, for a discussion of the differences between the Tarmac and Venge (and Roubaix) . . .
btw: I bought the 2019 S-Works Tarmac w/SRAM AXS

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As far as I can tell, the three main differences are weight (~0.5 kg), that the Venge has a cleaner setup in the front (less external cables and integrated stem/handle bar), and that the Venge geometry and design is more suited to flater courses and the Tarmac more to hillier profiles.

I have never tried the Venge, but I prefer climbing oriented bikes (Cannondale Supersix > Systemsix, Canyon Ultimate > Aeroad, Bianchi Specialissima > Oltre), so it might not be surprising that I absolutely love my 2019 Tarmac. For the record, I prefer everestings to chain gang riding.

Depending on your preferences, one bike will be better suited to your needs that the other, but you won’t go wrong with either!


Those comments all are great and make sense. @sykkelerik, that bike looks amazing and very similar to what I want to build up. @bobmac, very interesting read and enjoyed it so thanks. @nate, you might have said on the podcast at some stage, but what does your, @Jonathan and @chad Venges all weigh in their current set up…??

I think I’m 16.8 or 17.0 lbs. Not sure about the other guys.

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What are you riding just now?

Both are awesome bikes, and I guess it really depends what you want from it? The SL6 Tarmac is as aero as the previous generation of Venge. The biggest noticable difference in going from a 2015 Tarmac to a SL6 was the aero benefit. However, it’s really light and incredibly comfortable. The handling is absolutely amazing.

I’m sure the Venge is also great, but as an everyday, all round bike, my personal preference is the Tarmac.


I don’t get draft a lot when i’m riding and that’s why i chose the venge over the tarmac even though i live in a hilly area.

I’m also on the heavier side of things (180lbs) and bike weight tends to matter less for bulkier riders.

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Currently riding a Scott Foil, and the bike before that was an SL5 Tarmac.

Want to move back to the Tarmac from a weight point of view, and also loved the old Tarmacs responsiveness, which I miss a lot (not that the Foil is a bad bike by any stretch). The current bike tips the scales at just over 8kg (17.7 lbs), and the Tarmac build will be 6.8kg (15 lbs) on the dot. I don’t have the ability to lose any more weight on the body side, 187cm (6ft 1.5in) and 72kg (158 lbs) at 7% body fat with an FTP of 360W (5.0W/Kg) so the difference between the two bikes actually makes a big difference for me.

Most of my races are decided once the road goes up, and that is where the separations happen, not on the flats, so hence why my choice is the Tarmac over the Venge. Plus the current Tarmac is plenty aero for me compared to my previous version.

If anyone can see anything wrong with this logic happy to hear your thoughts.


I don’t have the ability to lose any more weight on the body side, 187cm (6ft 1.5in) and 72kg (158 lbs) at 7% body fat with an FTP of 360W (5.0W/Kg) so the difference between the two bikes actually makes a big difference for me.

Same as you; I would need to develop an eating disorder to drop any more weight during the cycling season, so it makes perfect sense to chase weight loss on the bike. 1 kg saved riding up the local equivalent of Alpe d’Huez here in Oslo equals 10 seconds time saved, and for me, setting a PR up the hill trumps riding fast on the flats. I suppose the grimpeurs among us would be more happy on the Tarmac!

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I’m sure this has popped up on the TR Podcast and they’ll went for the Venge, even over the hillier courses


I’ve recently bought a Venge and love it. I live in a rather flat country but riding in the alps last holiday was great to.

My previous bike was a Tarmac sl5. I’ve wanted to upgrade to an Sl6 disc because the sl5 was so harsh and I’ve sized up. Loved the 6 but after a testing the Venge I was sold. Such an direct and fast feeling. It is way more compliant than the Sl5.

Geometry of the Venge and sl6 is identical.

My advice: test both and make up you own mind based on feeling. Not what others say :slightly_smiling_face:


The compliance of the Tarmac. Yes, riding on beautifully smooth asphalt 100% of the time would be ideal, but for the those of us who spend our miles on chip-sealed, lumpy, or unpredictable roads (not just in training, but races too), the Tarmac offers real speed improvements. We all like to think of ourselves as somehow immune to these factors, that it can be just “pushed through,” but the Specialized guys even said it themselves - in real-world situations, added compliance leads to increased power and speed.

I added aero handlebars, Specialized RapidAir 26’s, and Enve 5.6’s to my Tarmac SL6. Is it as bleeding-edge aero as the Venge? Nope, but it isn’t that far off either, plus the added compliance improves power output and the ability to maintain a more aero position.

Both are beautiful, blisteringly fast bikes. Enjoy shopping! :slight_smile:


Thanks all for the advice and information. Ended up pulling the trigger on a Tarmac again and couldn’t be happier with it. Such an amazing bike and even better than my old one.


Venge looks nice. Just don’t drop that seatpost screw down the seat tube, right @Nate ? :wink:

Nice. I picked up a Tarmac SL6 Comp a couple of days ago and love it. The paint job design is really cool and first time having di2 along with disc which i am really enjoying. Now if it would stop raining here I could ride outside more. My emonda is on full time trainer duty now.


Wow that looks incredible!

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My 2019 SWorks Tarmac Disc weighs 15.15 lbs, with sworks bottle cages, wahoo bolt, and Ti Speedplay Zeros (size 54). From what I read online, the Venge was in the neighborhood of 16.5 lbs (stock SWorks). That’s significant to me. I chose the Tarmac because I climb a lot, especially steep grades over 8%, and I want some comfort as well. Love the Tarmac! It’s everything I could have hoped for. Wish I could have all the specialized road bikes!


Where did you get your Tarmacs - LBS, online, somewhere else? After some research I think I understand the difference between the basic, Sport, Comp, Expert, and S-Works sub-models. Any recommendations for shopping?