Velodrome for training

I have access to an indoor velodrome which I think I might try and use this winter to spice up the endless trainer sessions. They have some organized training for the track racers which I might try at some point but that is definitely not “base” type work as despite it being winter, they are in race mode. Plus I need some skill work before I jump into that circus. They do have open track time on the weekends though. Is just doing longer base type efforts a thing on the track? Anyone else out there use the track for general training, especially during base?

I started riding on the track a little this past winter, and will likely return to it this winter. It’s not really for longer base-type efforts. Do that on the road (or trainer). Most efforts are 5 min or less, with the exception of the warmup routine (here they usually do 30 laps as a group, progressively speeding up). I like riding the track for something different and fun–our track has a great vibe and super-friendly folks. If they have structured training sessions, those are a lot of fun and very helpful. Here, they will do some structured training sessions designed more for endurance than sprint, but remember than endurance on a track is stuff like 3000m, not the super-long efforts we do on the road. I find it useful for certain types of training, and it hits different systems than what I might do on the road. I am not yet comfortable to do mass-start racing on the track. I just don’t think I could ever focus on the track because I like having flexibility when I ride… with track, you have to ride when it’s available. It will DEFINITELY smooth out your pedaling, and you will never coast again. :smiley:

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yes as above - track even endruo events are still short.

For myself if i want Ks on the track, i’ll just sit behind a group and get a tow around, then do efforts when i want to. Then back into the pack for the tow. You will figure out the draft is huge when your behind someone.

Currently 12 weeks till my state track master titles and 20-22 weeks till masters nationals. I’m a enduro guy/IP

Track efforts are generally short and the efforts are not exactly base.
The sessions depend a lot on what the coach has planned that day, e.g the drills you’re going to be performing. So, some drills could be short and sharp, e.g taking a lap, but if you had a TT then it could be longer.

I might try and include some track work to work on ‘speed’ as I continue through my training block.

The best thing to do, is to head down to your local session and see if it’s something you enjoy.

OP - if you are talking about Lexus, the workouts will not be good for base at all. I’d avoid it until you are in build or nearing specialty phase.

I am a primary track racer and thats what I do … last year I tried and it didn’t go well.