Track taster session

I am meant to have a 100 miler in two weeks, but I am sure it will be canned. My Mum bought me a track taster session at the Velodrome where the 2012 Olympic were held. I thought it would be fun to train for. It would make a change from my Grand Fondo training. It is meant to be in mid May, so fingers crossed. What should I put in plan builder to get the best results?

Time Trial would be what I would mark the event as.

You won’t need to train - they are quite strict at the Olympic park, that wood isn’t cheap :upside_down_face:

Though you may get a hot lap or something thrown in, short power build maybe.
Track is good fun, if you enjoy it, go back and do the accretidation or try out Herne Hill if convenient.

Appreciate I don’t need to train, but thought it would liven up my Trainerroad training.

Maybe also turn off erg mode and try doing workouts in a single gear, using cadence to hit the numbers :wink:


That’s definitely useful.
I’m not sure the TT is the best. If it’s a taster session, in all likelihood, you’re going to be doing a bit of team pursuit and some sprint.

Track sessions differ as it depends on the level of the group and the coach taking the session.
A typical taster session will go something like this:

Learning to ride a fixed gear bike without brakes in the centre of the track.
Learning to ride the different lines on the track
Moving around safely whilst on the velodrome
Performing various drills what these are will depend on the level of the group.

In all honesty you’re better off just turning up and enjoying the experience as it’s a good laugh. Assuming you have enough fitness to ride a bike then there’s nothing to train for.


Mostly what Dave said. Also, most of the track events involve quite a bit of high power stuff, not so much endurance. Since you have been training for longer events, I would mix in more sprint / VO2 max stuff.

Also, I second the recommendation to practice varying cadence in a single gear to hit power targets. Including high cadence stuff (120+ rpm)

I’ve done a taster session there and have to say it was great fun. Standard of the group was high so we had a good length of time at the end for free riding.