Vegan endurance ride fuel

i take gu gels. mandarin orange. but after 2 hours i just keep eating gels. plan to do xcm races. want some alternate fuel sources. i do eat clif bars when im on big solo rides. never done a 2+ hour race though. not sure if clif bars are a thing for racing or if i should look for quicker fuel. im sure this has been discussed a million times but wanted to specifically ask for vegan fuel. thanks!!



I’ve been using coconut date rolls which are a great source of quick sugar and go down easily. I also really like fig bars.

I just eat 2 Medjool dates - spit out the pips. They are equivalent to having a gel but are natural and much nicer, keep in your pocket in a ziplock bag, no troubles!
If I am on a long ride, i will take a banana to mix it up as the dates are quite sweet and you can get sugar burn like you would if you continually have gels all the time.


I think the problem with that approach is you might over do it on the fructose.


I eat bananas, Dates and Water. I have done so on long rides (100 miles). As long as you eat often and don’t wait till you are hungry, you should be fine.

I like the idea of rice cakes mentioned above. I can;t stand chocolate (yeah, I am weird that way). I wil think of a recipe and make Rice with bananas and Dates. Perhaps blend bananas and dates together and bake them with rice.

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I learned of a company called Muir that make exclusively plant based products. I ordered a bunch.

Sesame snaps out of a Zip Lock bag.

I’m not vegan but use products from TRIBE ( which are vegan. Their Choc Salt Caramel Infinity bar tastes awesome and is great for endurance rides (25c, 8f, 7p). They do protein shakes and all sorts, highly recommended.

I also use bananas, dates when out on the bike or on the trainer. Maybe some toast and marmalade before a hard session.

dried mango … more than 300kcal x 100gr

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There’s a lot of good vegan endurance fuel products. I liked the Vega gels for a while, but switched to cliff blocks because they’re easier to eat while riding.
Recently I started using Tailwind. Really liking it so far.

If I am just out on a ride I try and go with the natural snack, eg, banana or dates etc but if it is a race it is easier to go with the gel and I found Huck Nutrition to be easy on the stomach to consume when the body is stressed.

I’ve taken baked potatoes on long solo rides before. Can add a bit of olive oil and salt/pepper and put it in ziploc bag. I usually just eat 'em plain and forgo the bag. They aren’t super calorie dense so I use them on moderate intensity rides. The look on someone’s face when you whip a potato out is worth it too :slight_smile:
A lot of the hammer gel is vegan, except their nutella flavour…


What wouldn’t be vegan?
Baked potatoes,bananas, cliffbars, ricecakes, dates, anything you can stuff in your jersey

I used one of these today prior to Kosciuszko +4 this morning…

Cashew Vanilla Mate

It tasted a lot like a Larabar (not surprisingly) but with the consistency of a reeeeeeeeeally thick gel.

I can definitely see taking one of these at the start of an event or at checkpoints throughout. I’m not sure how they would be on the bike yet…TBD.

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Thanks. Will have to look into that.

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Peanut power trek bars are my go to fuel as they aren’t too sugary and sit better in my stomach - I also find they help offset and neutralize too many gels/sweet stuff. And they give me that ‘fuller’ feeling that you just don’t get from purely sugary stuff, which I think just helps mentally.

For the Mallorca 312 this year I knew I couldn’t rely on the feed stations (exclusively ham or cheese sandwiches), so my strategy was either one gel or cliff bloks pack per hour along with a trek bar. For the 12 hour ride, it meant carrying 1.5kg from the start in my pockets but I felt great the whole way round and only had to stop for water.

I did a few xcm races this year including bcbr before starting a vegan diet so not totally applicable

My go to was 2 bagels in the morning with margarine and marmalade
Cliff bar two hours before and on the starting line and then always have a cliff block in my mouth during the race when I could. It meant dumping usually two packs into my jersey pocket

I hope this is within this thread topic but I have started to eat solely a vegan diet for the last 4 weeks
Thinking more about protein
Can you suggest or show some of your daily meals? I don’t mind repetition

Thanks all

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For Leadville I did Maurtens 320, some of the vegan Gu gels (about 4-5 total) and 2 cliff bars when I craved something solid. Had zero energy issues for the entire 8 hours. For shorter XCM races I would just do Maurten 320 in 3-4 bottles and have a few gels in my pocket if needed (4 hours or less races).