Vegan Cyclist Controversy

I follow VC on Instagram and just watched him describe his crazy week after some controversial post. What was the post about, I missed it?

Isn’t everything he does a controversy?

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He went to a bike race in Georgia - he called it his big ooofff. He took a lot of criticism for taking the risk to go to a bike race. I like the guy, but he does some dumb stuff sometimes, maybe that is part of the charm.

He ends the Insta post with getting a C19 test, the next video will be interesting


He is a bit much for me sometimes, but I still check in once and a while. I know Phil Giamon called out cyclist (especially non pros) for racing in covid hotspots. Seems like it may have been directed at VC. His initial response of “you gotta live life bruh” made me want to throw up, but he seems to have changed his tune after some criticism.


For sure. Ultimately while people mainly went after him because of his social media platform, Phil’s comment was mainly going after the people running the event.
The whole thing of racing this year is pretty boneheaded and actively not doing their part to help get this under control. Especially a part of the country where this is rampant. Just a poor move overall. Seeing how people have handled things during this pandemic I feel like this group of Americans couldn’t have survived/help us win WWII.


He was doing group rides right after all this shit went down and people lit him up for it. Changed his tune after that but I guess he didn’t learn too much.

I watch some of his videos but he can be super annoying.

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Does this chap court controversy because it’s his USP?

No. But can’t please everyone all the time.