Cancellation of Club Rides due to COVID-19

Our club’s email distribution lit up like a firestorm this morning with the announcement of cancellations of all club rides.

Lots of contributions to the discussion, both from lay folks referencing scientific articles and directly from experts within the Stanford medical community (our club is based in Silicon Valley, CA).

The salient points leading to the decision:

  • Social Distancing: Health advisories on social distancing are for 2 meters or 6 feet (depending on your source). For club rides, this is genearlly an issue at the start of rides and at rest stops.

  • Airborne Germs: In cycling terms, these were described as snot rockets, coughs and sneezes. Also included is breathing (exhalation) by those affected by the disease that may or may not be aware of it. All such germs are easily transported by the air during moderate or fast paced club rides, and group rides in general.

The sentiment by club members was overwhelmingly supportive of the club’s decision.

Subsequent to this discussion, numerous club members rallied around the idea, and plan to implement, virtual rides/racing on Zwift to take place at the same time as our previous club rides. For those that are members of cycling clubs:

  • Has your club implemented any actions with regards to group rides?
  • If so, what actions have they taken?
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No, but our Meetup group is discussing the timing of rain this weekend and possibility of having to ride indoors.

edit: but the family text group is blowing up today after NCAA basically cancelled everything. One nephew plays for Hawaii Pacific and no fans were allowed into stadium for Tuesday nights game. We were going to watch him play in Oakland this weekend, wouldn’t be surprised is they fly home tomorrow.

I can attest that the only time in my life where someone virtually sneezed directly in my face (my dog doesn’t count) is when a stranger drafted behind me for awhile, then got in front and blew a snot rocket, which sprayed my face.

I wasn’t even in his draft.

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Yeh, immediately after the NBA announcement due to the player infection, it seemed clear that it wouldn’t be too soon thereafter that the NCAA would be canceling March madness. I can only imagine how hard it will be for all tournament players, but especially for seniors that had a serious shot at the title.

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Yeah, one nephew played on a final four baseball team a few years ago. Another plays for USC and just got injured and needs shoulder surgery, so today’s NCAA decision is a mixed blessing.

Back to the original topic, call me old school as I do understand statistics and the science… I’m not planning on eliminating social interaction via social distancing. I work from home, do a lot of solo rides, and enjoy Wed night and weekend group rides. Maybe selfish but I’m unlikely to be a “Typhoid Mary” vector to spreading (if contracted) and believe there is a greater risk from riding on the road than going out on a group ride and picking up the coronavirus.

Excuse me while I make a beeline for the latest toilet paper shipment that just arrived at Costco :crazy_face:


Club stance of a local ride:

I’m not going to tell anybody here, how to behave. The situations are also drastically different, depending on location. For people debating, if they should cancel club rides / social events, i recommend giving this article a read:


I’d love to see a public debate about the number of deaths from driving automobiles. Act now. :man_shrugging:

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Not sure, if this was meant as a response to my post, but I will assume so. If not, please ignore :slight_smile:

  1. I agree wholeheartedly! Deaths from driving automobiles are problematic and there is and has been a public debate which has lead to a decreasing number of road fatalities in many countries.

  2. This doesn’t serve as an argument about the necessity of (not) taking action in other areas. It’s just ‘whataboutism’ and doesn’t add anything to the discussion about the ‘best practice behavior’ for cycling clubs or individuals during the current pandemic.


Hey @SilvanK thanks for posting! Agree and to be honest, I think we need to outlaw snot rockets on group rides. For those that decide to launch rockets on a ride, please change your ways and bring a handkerchief. Seriously.


AFAIK snot rockets are generally only allowed when you are last wheel, or pull well out of the group to launch before returning, at least thats how we do it here :slight_smile:

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apparently I’m in the wrong club, as snot rockets have not been discussed and its the “Wild West” and anything goes…

yeh, that’s the general etiquette on our club rides as well. however, i have had the pleasure of being hit and apparently others in our group as well based on the several comments made on the topic.

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:point_up_2: This! Unless you want a good verbal tongue lashing and/or :facepunch:

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Little bit different then what you’re saying, but where one gets their news from is going to give different perspectives. :man_shrugging:t2:

of course it happens occasionally, 1 persons far enough out is not the same as anothers

Everyone should stop the snot rocket business and just wipe it on your shorts. Better there then someone’s face.


Gust of wind carried my last snot rocket right onto the windshield of the car in the lane next to me. Glad they didn’t seem to notice


My view is cancelling things like group rides for a couple of months is the prudent thing to do and is not greatly impacting one’s quality of life.


After moving and having my trainer on carpet I got in the bad(?) habit of launching my snot rockets into my shoulder since it was easier to clean jerseys than the ground. This has carried over into outdoor riding which is now looking like a plus