Vector 3 pedals with Wahoo head units?

Hey everyone,

Recently my Garmin 520 decided to crap out - utterly dead and utterly out of warranty.

I was pretty disappointed as I’ve now had a number of Garmin devices that have died prematurely, despite having fairly easy lives.

I’m looking to replace it with a wahoo elemnt bolt, however I’m running vector pedals (which I’ve also had nothing but trouble with). Will they work properly with the wahoo? I can see they’re not listed as compatible and apparently a Garmin firmware update hampered communication?

Any experience of this would be gratefully received.

I run two sets of Garmin V3s, different bikes, and a Wahoo ELMNT Bolt and never had a single problem no drops of any type, indoor or outdoor.

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Garmin pedals w/Wahoo head unit :scream:

*Don’t cross the streams! It would be bad" :joy:

Seriously though, you should be fine.


You got your chocolate in my peanut butter.

No, you got your peanut butter on my chocolate.


I run vector3 with Elemnt Bolt, zero issues with interplay both Ant+ and BLE in about 18 months of use.

And now I believe the Wahoo app even supports some of the advanced cycling dynamics measurements.


I have V3s and a Wahoo Elemnt, but I still use my garmin 920 watch to capture the ride alongside the element as my main display. This is because the garmin 920 captures all the pedal dynamics and L/R balance info and correctly displays this in Garmin connect.

I found that data going through the elemnt, as a fit file, when imported to Garmin connect lost all of the data underneath the graphs. Wahoo blame garmin… etc…

The Element is capturing the L/R balance because I see it in the graphs and in the data at the end of a ride. (I don’t think it captures pedal offset). But I have been unable to get the data out reliably, or display it on Garmin connect apart from as a graph with no summary figures below.

If anyone has been able to solve that I would appreciate knowing how, it because it annoys me a bit.


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Cheers everyone. Managed to get my hands on a wahoo bolt to test them out with. They seemed to pair alright, but I noticed a few drop outs on the few rides I used it that were out of the ordinary. This may have been totally circumstantial… but I decided to go with the 520 plus as it has cycling dynamics (who doesn’t love data that’s next to meaningless?) and I got it with a pretty good discount.