Switching up power meters

Anyone know if its possible to record a outdoor ride using vector pedals and a phone with garmin connect?
I am getting vectors and want to compare with my powertap wheel but assume i can’t record both to my garmin 520.

Also, i am getting the pedal with one side only measurement and and hoping i can get an idea of my left right balance by comparing the values of the vector and powertap.

Don’t know about Garmin Connect, as never tried. Loads of free apps can though, such as Wahoo Fitness. If you import the two files into Golden Cheetah there’s a tab, I think called “edit”, that is basically a spreadsheet for copy and paste. You can also do maths on the values, but I’ve not personally experimented. I think the online DCR analysis tool also would compare the numbers well.

you can pair the vector pedals to the TrainerRoad app via BLE, that should work.
I’ve never tried recording a workout straight to the garmin connect app though.

Re your second paragraph, don’t assume that your L:R balance will be consistent. I have the 2-sided Vectors and find that in normal rides the balance is anywhere between 45:55 and 51:49 (have had a few outliers but I’d say ~95% of rides are in that range). There are some trends - tends to be a more even balance at higher intensities, tends to be more right-dominant when I’m particularly tired - but nothing consistent enough that I’d feel confident enough predicting it.

For me, that inconsistency in L:R balance would lead to variations of >10% between a 1-sided and 2-sided (or hub-based) PM which is big enough that in my view it would render a 1-sided PM useless (or worse than useless if you paced yourself off under-estimated power and blew up as a result). Suggest doing quite extensive comparisons between your 2 PMs under different conditions, intensities, etc. Hopefully you’ll find you have a much more consistent L:R balance than me! If not then I strongly suggest buying the right hand Vector to upgrade to a 2-sided system.