Power match garmin vectors and wahoo kickr core

I was looking for some assistance. I have Garmin vector 3 pedals On my bike and I just got a wahoo kicker core. I’ve done the spend down calibration with the trainer I’ve done the zero offset with the Garmin pedals. I did a brand new ramp test and got 235 for my FTP. After all of this I can’t help but feel the effort with perceived exertion does not match the power. The past couple of workouts have been harder than normal and from my previous experience outside and using other trainers 200 to 215 W shouldn’t be this exhausting. I’ve been biking for several years I do low-volume training plans with Rest days without writing in between each ride sleeping nutrition all feel good I just can’t help but feel that the power and RPE seem off. Quite possibly my previous trainer was over producing power? It was a kinetic Road machine which did match up fairly well with my garmin power meter. Any suggestions?

This is very strange as I have a similar situation.
I have a 2016 Wahoo Kickr and used to have Vector 2 pedals. I didn’t get on with powermatch so used to use the Wahoo app to set trainer to take power from the ant+ ID of the pedals. The last time I swapped them to my summer bike I just carried in training using power direct from kickr. At some point the vector pedals went back on trainer bike and I dual recorded a couple of ramp tests and found the pedals measured slightly lower than the kickr so if I was performing a workout outside I’d drop my targets 5%.
My vector pedals then died and I bought a set of Vector 3 from Garmin, stuck them on the bike, tried using the new powermatch and my ftp dropped 40w.
I trained for a month, then dual recorded a ramp test and found the difference between kickr and pedals wasn’t as much as I’d expected. I’ve just accepted that my ftp has dropped but having just started outdoor workouts again I am finding it way easier to hit targets outside than inside.