Vasectomy... recovery?

I had mine done almost a full week ago, scalpel variety…I was good about icing and not doing anything for the first few days & the most active thing I’ve done since the procedure is walking up and down the 2 flights of stairs to my office.

Dr told me to take a full week off of lifting anything heavy & most exersise/sports. Told me to take an extra week before getting back on the bike, and to be cautious at first when I do.

FWIW I don’t think getting on the bike now (6 days) after would be a good idea. There’s no pain, but I can still feel that things arent 100% down there. I’m gonna give it another week or until I see that the stitches are gone just to be on the safe side.

I had a no-needle, no-scalpel procedure and after a tiny bit of discomfort after the first day it was no problem going forward. I would recommend anyone to find an experienced dr that uses this newer procedure. It literally took 19 min from the time I walked into the room until I was walking out!!

Had mine done today. Painless procedure so fingers crossed so is the recovery. Hopefully minimal time off the bike.


Loving this thread. Just scheduled mine and was looking for experiences with time frame to recovery.
I just want to clarify a couple of things.

Types of Vasectomies: No matter the type, they have to make two holes in your scrotum to get to the vas deferens (tube that carries your swimmers). Its either with a scalpel, needle, hole puncher, etc. I wouldn’t say one is guaranteed to better than the other.
Siting source: IJERPH | Free Full-Text | Incidence of Post-Vasectomy Pain: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis | HTML

Numbing the area: Lidocaine or other variation ending in caine burn. Its going to hurt. But for less than 5 seconds. The best way to describe it is if you put your hand on something too hot, that initial feeling but less intense for 3-5 seconds then nothing. Also if you’ve been the dentist and got numbing agents there, same thing. After that you’ll feel things moving down there but you wont feel any pain (assuming they stay within the block).
Recovery: Swelling/ inflammation is the enemy. Go too hard too fast, things swell or worse, recovery takes longer. Stay on top of icing, supporting the boys, NSAIDs (check with your doctor) .

Since this thread is back again I’ll ask those with experience the question I’ve been mulling over.

My first big post-vaccine activity will unfortunately be getting all four of my impacted wisdom teeth removed. I’ve also been wanting to get a vasectomy for a few years and my wife’s IUD is about to expire so I feel it’s my turn.

The question is this: Would it be insane to do both procedures back to back? Probably get the snip first then go in for the dental work. I want to minimize time off the bike for overall wellbeing and training purposes, and if I’ve got to be on pain killers, why not kill two (six?) birds with one stone?

I remember the wisdom teeth removal being much more painful than the vasectomy, although the later is somehow scarier. You might get pain killers for the wisdom teeth, not likely for the vasectomy - ibuprofen usually covers it. Neither of these would keep you off the bike long independently, but talk to your doctors about both and the timing. Me personally, I’d space them out and take the recovery process independently.

12 days off the bike to recover.

I had a vasectomy and based on what I heard didn’t think the recovery would be that long. In fact the doctor/surgeon also said it shouldn’t impact biking at all. But I ended up with a fair bit of swelling and bruising. I remember the first 5-7 days not seeing much improvement, but then things got noticeably better each day after. I think my experience was atypical.

Having gone through it, I wouldn’t worry about taking some time off the bike unless you have races/events.

My experience with vasectomy involved no painkillers, local anesthesia for the procedure and a few bags of frozen peas post op. It felt like I had been kicked in my crotch a little while ago for about 24 hours and then it started to slowly fade. I wouldn’t have wanted to do anything in that 24 hour period, let alone get teeth pulled.
Definitely give yourself a few days without strenuous activity post vasectomy.

My experience was similar to @Juicetin 's. Doctor prescribed a couple things to take beforehand (I think a Xanax or Valium, plus a painkiller), but I didn’t bother. Local anesthetic, and the doc and I had a nice conversation while he did his thing. I was relaxed about the whole thing, which apparently (based on comments from the office staff and nurses) is not typical. :laughing: Recovery was uneventful, didn’t take painkillers, I relaxed the rest of that afternoon, didn’t go for a run the next day or two, and that’s it.

I did get a few laughs that day though, because it was the absolutely perfect opportunity to wear one of my oddball t-shirts. Gave everyone in the doctor’s office a good laugh.

Just buy a particularly bad saddle… it’ll save you the job of having to go for the snip

No, no it will not. I’m blessed with fatherhood because of that logic! :nerd_face:

Having a vasectomy is a minor op and you just have to be sensible and give a sensitive part of your anatomy time to heal. Getting (all four?) wisdom teeth out sounds like a far bigger procedure.

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Eh, I had mine pulled and was playing beach volleyball about eight hours later. Not saying that was particularly smart, but comparatively I took several days off the bike after my snipping.

just adding another anecdote.

I had the “no needle no scalpel” procedure right after SSBLV2 (by the way I completed Lamarck and Leconte for the first time, thank you very much).

The procedure itself was about the same level of discomfort as getting a cavity filled.

Recovery was surprisingly fine! I was terrified after reading this thread. I spent a day lying around as per the doc’s advice, went to light activity the next day, and basically back to normal after that but trying not to strain the midsection by lifting anything or stretching in a weird way. Never needed ice or pain meds.

To be super careful I took a full week off of any exercise besides gentle yoga and walking.

Then on the day I was going to resume activity, I lucked out into getting dose #1 of the Pfizer COVID vaccine. The next day I felt pretty beat down but not full-on “sick.”

The day after that I did a short ride, then another day off, then Scott Peak, then a ramp test, the Pierce today. I was afraid I’d backslide after the long inactivity but the ramp was only one watt less than my last one and the Pierce felt as it should, quite challenging but never on the verge of quitting or anything.

One more for the dataset!