Vasa Erg Power Meter Dropouts

I got a Vasa Swim Erg (w/Ant+ power meter) a few months ago and am having a lot of issues with the power meter disconnecting from TR during my Vasa TR workouts. Has anyone else experienced this? (I realize it’s a small group of folks that use Vasa w/TR…)

I’ve replaced the Vasa power meter batteries multiple times, but that doesn’t seem to help. I’m primarily running TR on Amazon Fire Tablet when working out with Vasa/TR, but I’ve also run TR on MacBook Pro while using Vasa and still get the dropouts.

I know TR has recommended connecting devices via Bluetooth (instead of Ant+) when possible, so I’m considering getting a CABLE device to convert Vasa Power meter Ant+ signal to Bluetooth in hopes of a more consistent connection.

I’ve reached out to Vasa and they’ve recommended resetting power meter, which I can certainly try. However, wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this issue.

Sidenote—I use TR for cycling and use Ant+ in that case w/Fire tablet and rarely have issues w/connection dropouts…

hi, did you manage to resolve this? i am having the same issue and it is driving me mad!

The problem went away, but I honestly have no idea how it was resolved. It just started consistently working (no more dropouts). Sorry—I know that doesn’t help much.

I did get another cable ant+ to Bluetooth converter…not sure if that made the difference but it could be worth a try.

Check in with the team at, there may be a firmware update they can help you check for and run through your internal ride log to see whats up!