Vancouver, BC Gran Fondo first timer

Those doing the Wistler GF, what training plan are you doing? I’m thinking of starting the rolling road race? Or the Century, or the sustained power build. I think you could make a good arguement for any of those.

Hell yes, I would love for TrainerRoad let us form a team, but regardless, all of us Trainerroadies should get together for a pint in Whistler to celebrate our badassery!


Hi @CaptainEndo - I just finished Sustained Power build phase and will look at the Climbing Road race or Century Specialty plan for the next block. Plus, plenty of outside rides as the weather is improving.

I also signed up for the Pacific Populaire (capped to 500 riders this year), the 100 km option.



2 days to go. Good luck to everyone.

tip: get into the front of the 4hr group and wheel suck! :slight_smile:


tip: Pace yourself up the hill out of brackendale, it is longer than you think, and if you crack you will hemorrhage more time than if you ride it slightly more conservatively and be slower on the back end of the race on the rollers into function junction.


Good luck to those racing in the RBC Whistler GranFondo on Saturday! I’m looking forward to it and the pre-race jitters started last weekend…

Thanks for the tips; I heard the front group starts fast and furious so the key is to stick with them as you climb up Taylor Way onto the highway.

My training season has gone well (mid volume base/build/specialty) , and I got some new aero gear (wheels, helmet), so I am aiming for sub-4 hour finishing time.

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So much for the Team TrainerRoad idea! :unamused:

I won’t be riding/racing, as once planned, due to an inconsolable heart. But I’m definitely going to be cheering everyone on in spirit! Anyone gunning for an AG World Champ qualification?


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Ill be there at the start line, aiming for ~3:40 so hopefully that all works out! Will see how it goes.


Wow, sounds like some of you are going to be very fast.
As a first time noob I have no idea what to expect.
I train with virtual power and my virtual ftp is 245.
I plugged things into best bike split (assuming I did it correctly) and it spits out a 5 hour time on the dot almost, not including rest stops I assume :slightly_smiling_face:
So I guess I am hoping to come in by or before 5 hours 30 minutes?
I just assumed I would stop at ever aid station but now I am thinking to pack more food on me and not stop for the purposes of getting nutrition, except for water to mix with my skratch that I will have with me to refill my 2 bottles.
Good note about not trying to get a KOM at Niklaus North and then also taking it easy past Alice Lake/Brackendale.
Good luck to all for whatever you are shooting for and any last minute final suggestions are welcomed :slight_smile:

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I would guess you will go faster than you think, you should be able to get a good group to follow and stick with them for the first 60k or so until it starts to climb a bit. Just the drafting will make you go a lot faster for much less effort than you might think.
Good luck, but most of all have fun and enjoy it :slight_smile:

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Last year was my first year for this Fondo and I stopped at the 2nd and 4th aid stations; mostly to refill bottles. If you are looking at getting the fastest time possible, plan out your aid station stops and bringing all your nutrition with you helps as you just need to top up bottles and maybe use the toilet.

In the first half, there should be good opportunities to draft in a group which will save the legs for when the climbing really starts. Keep the pace on the climbs under your threshold (go by HR if you don’t have a power meter) and make sure to take in some gels for the second half. Good luck and have fun!

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Thanks @brianv17, 2nd and 4th sounds like a good plan.
I hope what ive planned for nutrition and hydration works out. I probably could have better tested both the nutrition/hydration items and ride length and intensity but I should be ok as my guts are usually ok if I stay ahead and on top of things, also if I don’t go out too hard which I don’t suspect I will.
Thanks again

Word of warning, dudes – it might rain on Saturday!

Better than 2 years ago, got to the top of Cypress and it was a mix of wet snow and rain. Never been more cold in my life.
Looks like it should only be a small amount though so fingers crossed that it stays away for the day.

How did it go today for those that rode the Whistler Gran Fondo?

I am super happy with my results - I achieved both of my goals - a sub-4 hour finishing time (chip time of 3:43) and placed 20th in my division which should easily qualify me for next year.

I saw 2 crashes just ahead of me (seemed like bad cone placements) and my buddy flatted. Seemed like lots of flats on route. Starting running out of gas for the last 10km, but was in a paceline, so I was able to finish strong.

Great way to end the 2019 season for me!


Crashes were bad. Far too many people super tucking mid pack, but sitting out in the wind solo rather than just sit up and eat and drink while in the draft.
Also it sounds like someone died on the upper levels. Don’t know if they had a cardiac issue and crashed. Or crashed and then had a cardiac issue. Either way, tragic to hear.


Yeah it was a lot sketchier that usual this year, saw 2 crashes myself and a ton of dropped bottles in the pack.
Did ok, finish time was 3:35:06, not as in shape as I would have liked for the event but happy with my result overall.


Was a bit harry in some situations for sure. Had to be cautious and assume anyone could act randomly, not sure if it was better or worse in 4.5+hr group.
Tragic if there were any fatalities or serious accidents that could have been avoided.
Found quite a bit of littering too, coke cans near aid stations, water bottles,…
I did much better than I was prepared for, was thinking 5.5hrs but my time was 4:48, 2 stops bathroom breaks bit of stretching for cramps. Great first experience and would like to do more. Should try to step up my training for next year and possibly consider reduce the swimming and running.


I finished yesterday in 3:29:51 . The crashes were crazy. Crash up the first hill, crash on the highway near horseshoe bay. Caused by someone hitting a crack then wobbling , he looked like he was going to be fine then he leaned on someone and the went down. That caused like a massive crash. I got rear ended in the bike/leg and have a tire burn on me.

Then someone hit a cone , and that caused another crash. Cones are bad!! Cones are super dangerous to have placed on bicycle courses.

Bottles were flying everywhere.

To the person asking about watts for this earlier I averaged 220w at 78kg. But NP was somewhere near 280-290. NP for first 10 min was close to 400. So you do not need big watts to finish with a good time. I cracked with about 15k to go. And until 30k to go the main lead group was in sight the whole time we just couldn’t catch them.


Lol, looks like most of the TR folks were in the same group :grin: 3:36:47, peeled off lead group with 15km to go due to legs giving up on me :cry: probably under fueling and not drinking enough, also got stuck behind someone and stupidly attacked but didn’t recover afterwards. Not too bad for the first time i guess. Managed to catch another train with 10 or so to go. Oh well. First place was 3:15, which is crazy. Some nasty crashes and what was that with absolute hammer fest before horseshoe bay?


As I predicted, with this being a WC qualifier race, part, if not all, was going to be a hammerfest.
Just wait until next year’s edition, it’s going to be even more insane!

Big congrats to all who took part and survived! :+1: