Nor Cal, Oregon, WA Road Races, Mountain Bike Races, Fondo's, etc

My family and I camp a lot throughout the PNW from March to September and I would love to incorporate more races and rides into these camping trips. While the GranFondo Guide has a decent list of rides I am sure there are more races, etc., especially grass roots mountain bike races and local crits, that happen which I am not aware of. Hoping people from San Francisco north to Washington state can post web-pages or info for their favorite road races, weekday crits, mountain bike races, fondos, etc. so I can try and do more when planning our upcoming camping season.

Thanks in advance.

I live in the Willamette Valley in Oregon. Here’s the main ones I use for planning my year. Hope it helps!

For XC mountain biking, gravel grinders and “endurance MTB.”

This is just one race - 1st one was last year. It is 60+ miles road, immediately followed by +20 miles MTB in the Bend area.

Here’s the link to the local weekly series - crits, TTs, cyclocross, etc -

Then, of course, OBRA generally has it all condensed pretty well for most of the races in Oregon:


That Best of the Both race looks sick!

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Lots of good stuff around WA, OR and CA. It all depends on what you want. Note, most of the stuff like Seattle to Portland are not on my list. I don’t like riding with 1500 riders. I prefer to ride with 150 and almost puke at the end. It should also be noted, the last two years we haven’t had much rain. The summers have been brilliant.

The Rides:

One of the best Fondos.

Tri-Cities has TTs during the summer:

Some of the best rides:

Fondo Tour of '19
Malibu March '19:

Metric Century or the Century. I am going

Or do the 3 day:

Simi Valley June '19:

Levi’s Grand October 19:

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We have some family near Mt Shasta, I’m thinking of doing the Castle Craigs ride in June:

Website hasn’t been updated for 2019.

That was my favorite race of the year. I suffered on the road with a cyclocross bike and MTB gear, haha ( that’ll change next time… I may even shave for it :smiley:) Closely followed by Bear Springs Trap near Mt Hood.

I know this is an old thread but I just moved to Bend. Excited to do some local races and race XC this year (former gravity guy). I’m curious if anyone has an opinion on the best training plan for those races. XC Marathon seems like the obvious choice but the Olympic XC program looks super fun too.

Hey @Briceps, Bend is awesome for biking! As far as which plan to follow, if you have an event you know you’ll want to enter, it seems like most people are doing the Plan Builder now instead of choosing plans “a la carte.”
I think I usually went more toward XC Marathon but honestly, I spent more time in base and build than anything, so there’s probably better opinions out there.
I’m hoping to do a few races this year. Maybe we’ll bump into each other :+1: