Vancouver, BC Gran Fondo first timer

Hi Capt,

I went and had a quick re-read on their website. RBC Fondo

  • its the top 20%…and agreed, 4hr will have to be the target (yikes!)…2hrs to Squamish (doable) but then 2hrs to Whistler…:sob:
  • “you must enter either the Gran Fondo or St. Regis Cup categories at RBC GranFondo Whistler 2019. The Medio and Forte will not qualify you.

Brilliant!! Thanks @andrewwylie! :v:

Gotta do some research on ‘uphill aerodynamics’ to hit 4:00. :grin:


So for Whistler Gran Fondo 2018 best male time was 3:26:33 roughly 22.1 mph for the 76 miles… Goals

That’s of all participants. The World’s qualifying times are for age groups; you can search the results by AG to derive a reasonable time estimate.

I just did a speed/watt calculation: 122km in 4hrs = 350w/30km/hr average.

Riding at 0.75 IF that’s a 470w FTP. :flushed:


Captain_Doughnutman - did you mean 19 mph - 19 kph would give you a 6 hr 25 min finishing time if my calculations are right? looks more like 19 mph!

Thanks for the call out. Amended my post w/ link added.

I think the gradient is really low on this ride, like 1.5% for the “steep” half – is this right??
Any previous Whistler riders have info on this?

The average gradient is not too bad, there is a bit of up and down on the way to Squamish, but from then on its mostly uphill. However its not steady so you always have time to rest a bit. I can link my ride from this years fondo, however I did the forte so the elevation profile will be a bit different at the start of the ride.

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That would be awesome, @THowe!

Hmmm…any thoughts on forming a TrainerRoad Team for the Whistler Fondo? :thinking::man_shrugging:

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Let me know if you can view it, it should be set to public.

Id be down for a TrainerRoad team for this years Fondo, ill probably do the Fondo as the forte does not enter you for the Worlds qualifying. I will miss the medal they give you for the Forte, it is so much better :stuck_out_tongue:


Interesting idea about a TR team, maybe we can email the podcast crew and ask for sponsorship, free TR kits to promote the service?
I have no idea idea about my time.
Only interested in the fondo personally for this year.
This would be my first time doing this event. My plan is to do the 100 km valley fondo in July (alone first time for this) , maybe the 100 km pacific populaire in March but I am training right now for a half marathon in Feb and full marathon in May.
To do a team do we need to ride together?

Great to see the interest in the 2019 Whistler GranFondo! I’m registered already and have completed the 2018 GranFondo which was my first time.

My goal was sub-5 hours and I came in at 4:26 which was 26% for my age group. This was with 2 aid-station stops (limited at around 5 minutes each) and cramping for the second half of the race (it was cool and rainy). I agree with the sub-4 target for my age group to qualify (hard to say for sure).

If you are curious, my ride profiles are here:
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There are two significant climbs that I remember - the first being after Britannia Beach Climb (2km @ 5% ave gradient) and the second being the climb after Alice Lake. Most of the elevation gain is on the second half as you climb up from the Alice Lake aid station.

My average speed was 28.8 km/h (17.9 mph). I was in a peleton for perhaps a quarter to a third of the course, but found myself mostly solo for the last hour.

Interestingly enough, I pulled off an IF of over 90%. Going into the Fondo my FTP was around 260 watts (3.3 watts/kg) and TR calculated the normalized power at 250. I was factoring around 75% for an IF in the Best Bike split calculation, so I was a bit surprised by the result.

I would also be interested in a TR team :slight_smile:

I think from what is being discussed an official team effort may not be an option.
If Whistler is a UCI sanctioned event – because it’s qualifying for a UCI event – then it’s a no go.
If it’s a free for all, then I think it’s possible. More information required.

Furry creek is also a bit of a stinger. It’s short (1.5km before the dip starts) but its a solid effort to get up and causes some big splits if people decide to use it as an opener to whittle things down

Sub 4 is just a matter of sticking with the front group. Have done it a couple times and both times it was just a matter of sitting in the whole way. Didn’t see the front once and wouldn’t consider either ride the hardest ride of the year, or anywhere close to it. Keeping your wits about you at the bottom of the key climbs is important but other than that it’s just a matter of making sure you don’t get dropped.

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You don’t need a license or to be a pro to take part…

Looks like a TR (Representative) Team is on the table.

I don’t know what the official rules are for the 2019 qualifier, but there are typically lots of ‘team kits’ out there (Cycling clubs, Vega, corporates, the odd gorilla or banana) in the Fondo. So maybe it doesn’t matter for that ride but TR putting their namebrand on our backs might be a problem for them…but we would certainly look the part in matching skinsuits! a TTT :smile:

If you qualify then you are required (I think) to race in something resembling your country’s official team colours/livery.

For the 2019 fondo, anything goes.
The 2020 fondo, anything goes…unless you qualified in 2019…

If you qual the UCI sends you a notification and all accompanying rules & regs (incl kit choice).
Both 2020 fondos – the regular and the WC – will be run simultaneously, so it won’t be any different in that aspect. But I’m sure there will lots of hyper-competitive shenanigans going on. Weirdos. :roll_eyes: :laughing:

Still quite a few months to get the ducks sorted.

(p.s. – on second thought…I kinda like the idea of riding as “the odd gorilla or banana”! TR mascot maybe?)

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It seems pretty straightforward to create a team for the Whistler 2019 GranFondo; just requires 5 to 8 riders (scroll down to the Team Challenge part)

It looks like we have lots of time too, changes are allowed up until August 27th.

Only the 122 Km GF qualifies you for worlds.

The Whistler Gran Fondo is onen to all, and is a UCI GF qualifier.