Vacation/New City Workout locations

Hi Guys,

I’m from the UK and will be in the US for a couple of weeks from Wednesday. I though this might be a good thread to recommend places or chains of gyms in cities that you can visit as a one off. I wanted to continue my structured training but somewhere with a bike that ideally shows power but I can work with a standard gym bike but have no idea whats available without a full membership somewhere.

Just wondering if there are any good gyms where you can buy a pass for one or a few visits that’s not extortionate, most places I seen you have to sign up for a month or more. I want to get 3 or 4 workouts during my 9 day stay

I am staying in Miami South Beach, any recommendations that are within walking distance would be great. My hotel is pretty budget and does not have a gym


I can’t comment on Miami Beach, but you may have better luck with smaller gyms that are not part of a mega chain. When I travel for work, I can go to a local smaller gym for $10/session. If I were there more frequently I’d probably sign up for $20/month. Nothing fancy but has everything I need to get a good workout in.

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Thanks!! That’s really helpful, do you know how to find these? I’d rather not walk around the block for a few hours trying to find one. Is there like a local information place to go to?

I tried looking on Google maps but that wasnt much help

use and try a search term like “spin class”

Assuming you are going for weight lifting, looks like you best bet is in Downtown Miami.