Flywheel/SoulCycle - recommendations for LA holiday training

I’m going to be on holiday in LA in the Beverly Hills area for 10 days and will be on week 5 of an 8 week base plan. I’d like to keep some training up as I’ve just come off a recovery week (which I couldn’t swap/move) and will be going on a 8 day training camp on Jan 1st.

I won’t have my bike as I’m travelling from the UK.

Thoughts on spin classes like flywheel/SoulCycle? Any recommendations on alternatives (eg a gym that doesn’t require membership)?

Most of those classes are more about “dancing on the bike” than cycling. They make for a good HIIT workout though if you just need to sweat. Some instructors do focus on cycling, but they’re few and far between. Choose wisely if you can.

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If you are a Rapha Cycle Club member, I believe you can rent a Canyon for like $20 a day. There is great riding near Beverly Hills, so that is an option for you.

Otherwise, you can definitely get a decent workout in a spin class if you have some other info to look at, like HR. Certainly better than nothing. That being said, the Canyon rental might be significantly cheaper than a few days of Soul Cycle :thinking:

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I do spin classes frequently when I travel, and sometimes at home during the winter when I’m bored with spinning in my living room. While they don’t focus on technique in the same way the TR does, they are a good workout and can be quite fun! Usually, if it is your first time registering an email with the company, they will give you a discount on your first class. I use the MINDBODY app to find classes near me when I’m on the road.


Might be worth joining RCC just for this! And good point re the class prices - my non cyclist brother was trying to persuade me, but I think I will just find the classes frustrating if I’m seeing it as training!

PM me if you need some good routes in the area if you decide to go the rental route.

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Best I could find was a gym that offers prices per class. Finding a free gym in LA is going to be difficult. If you’re staying in a hotel perhaps you could shop around and find one with a nice gym?

Here’s a link to the cycling classes place. Aura Workout

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I was on travel for two weeks. Work/more work/vacation.

It was the last two weeks of my training block. I opted to do all my hard workouts at home. Skipped the lighter workouts and recovery days before I hit the road.

First Week:
Marriott’s Westin and W hotels have Peloton bikes. So, I opted for the W. I’m pretty sure I dropped George Hincapie. The Peloton watts and candence were sporadic at best. But I got the lighter rides done in spirit anyway.

Second Week:
I had the family and an Airbnb.

I opted for SoulCycle and planet fitness during the recovery week. I’m happy to report I’m still alive and I resisted the temptation to slit my wrist. Planet Fitness was great. SoulCycle, however was a challenge to my ability to be open and try new experiences.

Seems like Equinox should rename SC to DanceCycle or EveryThingButCycle. I had one instructor dance the whole class and pretend to be a DJ. Never got on the bike. On said day, the HVAC didn’t work and the fire alarm went off. Sweet!

My second day the instructor talked to the class about politics and how to be kind. Really? Politics is the last thing I want when working out.

Clearly, I didn’t do my research. I just wanted a workout.

If anyone wants two SC classes, hit me up. I don’t foresee me ever going back. Unless, I want to dance whilst sitting on a bike.

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:rofl: :rofl: That is awesome.

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